Thursday, September 2, 2010

So disgusted. Bleh!

I was sent to the local grocery store today for a few simple items: tomatoes, lettuce, chicken breasts and bacon.  Kendall wanted a grilled chicken salad with bacon for dinner.  To me it should be $2 for three tomatoes, $1 for lettuc, $5.99 for a bag'o'breasts, and $1.99 for bacon.

I think I still live in 1997.

THE PRICES HERE IN TOWN ARE OUTRAGEOUS!  I get so mad when I try to go over there to buy a few things that should be about five or six bucks, not ten or eleven.  I was astounded that they wanted $5.99 for 2.5 pounds of frozen chicken breasts when I KNOW that Aldi's down the road a ways has FIVE pounds of chicken breasts for $4.99 NO JOKE.  Lettuce is .99 at Wal-mart, they wanted $1.49.  Yuck!

So do you know what I did?  I bought a turkey for $1.49/lb and now we have enough food to last till Monday.  Poop on them if they think they can get me to pay $2.99-3.50/lb for chicken!  Good grief the farms are a few towns over, why is is SO EXPENSIVE? 

I try really hard to give the little man his share and not shop so much at huge box stores like Walmart but dog gone it if this po dunk town's grocery chain is going to nickel and dime and QUARTER me to death then I'm willing to drive the 20-30 minute drive down to the beast named Walmart and give them my business. 



  1. The only reason this Coborn's store is more expensive, is because they have no competition. However, they do have a BLT Meal Deal right now. You can buy 2 pkgs of fully cooked bacon, and get a head of lettuce and a loaf of white bread for FREE. You'd still have to buy the chicken breast, but it's a pretty good deal for the other stuff.

  2. I avoid Coborns now that I have teens. There was a time that the time saver was worth the money, and we spent like $800 a month in there! Yikes! But now that I have 3 teen boys in the house who eat like bottomless pits, I can't do it, I still spend nearly $1000 a month at Walmart! I couldn't afford coborn's to save my life. They are not eating gormet meals, either, they eat tons of Ramen noodles, lol.

  3. I used to shop at Coborns when we first moved here, but now I can hardly going in that store without getting sick to my stomach. A couple days ago I went in for just a few things to replenish the fridge...I got 4 or 5 of the plastic bags of stuff and it cost $100! The same order would have cost half that at Wal-Mart. I almost died when I saw the strawberries were $3.88/lb! Even Cub was at about $3.50/lb. I went across the street to Wal-Mart and it was $1.88/lb. THAT'S more like it!
    They are a great store with a great staff and very family/kid friendly, but I just can't afford to shop there!

  4. I just don't understand their thinking. In this economy? Why don't they give a little and cut us some slack? Espceially way out here, we live here because the cost of living is cheaper, this isn't Maple Grove! Plus their employee's are SO NICE but they all say corporate won't give them hours they need. So where is all of the extra money from higher prices going? Lining the pockets of the Coborn's family?