Monday, September 6, 2010

Pirate Murder Mystery Party

We went to a Murder Mystery Party where I was Sharktooth Brandy and Kendall was Thumbless Jack, what was one of the main suspects.  Not the gloves on Kendall?  They kept back his thumbs all night. HA!  And those 'beer' bottles?  IBC Root Beer bottles, how cool is that?!?!  My 'corsett' and Kendall's vest are all pieces of fabric sewn together with shoelaces.  HA!  And there were some fan-dancy costumes there!  On New Years Eve there will be another Murder Mystery Party with a gangster 1920's theme!  So cool! 

Arrrrrgh matey!

1 comment:

  1. Your costumes were great! Loved the idea of gloves to hold the thumbs back. It was a great party - I feel a little like a party-pooper though because Tessa did not like all the costumes. I had fun though anyway. It is just great to be with friends. Looking forward to Friday!!!!!