Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My favorite art

This painting is entitled "The Elder Sister" and is painted by Willian Bouguereau.  It is the first painting you will see when entering the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.  When dad was recieving cancer treatments at MD Anderson we would go into the city and look for inexpensive (read: free) adventures.  Although we did get our fair share of Astro World during the summer, I'll never forget this painting at the museum.  Her blood vessels are light blue and amazingly detailed on her right hand.  Her eyes are soft but focused and that sweet little sister of her's couldn't be more true with a little fat dimple on her elbow.  Simply beautiful..  It seems to come alive and is almost parallel to that scary painting of Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters 2 due to how how real it is.

Remember how freaky he was?!?!?!?!!!

I just love how women with some extra junk in the trunk are seen as an earmark for beauty.  No skin and bones in these pictures, curves are accepted and highly encouraged.  Why can't we go back to that era?

Here's that Elder Sister again with a crab!  I wonder who she was.

  And now onto Mary Cassatt.  Her work is actually pretty popular, mostly because she's all about mom's and kids.  Awwwww. All of these paintings can be found at .  Go there and be ready to ooooh and ahhh over how sweet these paintings are.

I think of Ernest, fresh from a bath and all cleaned up with this painting. 
Sweet and snuggly, just the way God intends babes to be. (HA!)

 The mom pooch is not forgotten on this one.  Yup, she's still got it.  Hold old do you think he is?  5 months? 6 months?  Looks like she's still holding him up but his legs aren't too jello-y.

"Child, I love you, but momma's tired. 
Let the coffee hit the bloodstream then I promise we'll watch
Veggietales Christmas Spectacular for the 302nd time."  

Nursing!  A lost art in the United States!  WOO HOO!!!!!  Look at those fat thighs!!

Ernest does this to me all. the. time. 
Little ones think the human face is simply a puzzle with never ending ways of coming together.

Clean little bath bottom!  They both look tired yet happy.  This must be before bed time. 

Another nursing picture!  How old do you think THIS baby is?  Certainly no newborn.

Wet sloppery kisses for mama!  Oh Ernest, this is you and me bud.

"And then we wash inbetween your toes, all done!"

And then we have this.
This one is actually a pretty famous painting by Rothko and was recently made into a stamp. 
 He was an "abstract expressionist".

To each his own.

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