Thursday, January 9, 2014

As much as I enjoy Facebook

Sometimes I feel like I need more than a quick facebook post to explain how I feel or what I'm going through at any given moment.  This is one of those moments where this whole blog post could be a facebook post but I'm saving the masses and making a post.  You're welcome.

1. Tomorrow it is going to maybe-quite possibly- we are all crossing our fingers be in the 30's!  As my sweet five year old neice says: HOLY MOLY COW!  School will be sweet and simple then off to the sledding hill for an hour, or until Emma and Eleanor start crying, of sledding fun.  I am planning on making hot chocolate and bringing it in the thermos, chili in the crock pot, and have a wonderful day absorbing Vitamin D naturally and enjoying natures beauty.  The sledding hill is "in the city" and faces the river and trees, so pretty!  Sweet little Ernest is a natural and zooms down, he can't get enough of it.  Eleanor can be pretty hardcore and likes going down on the sled, especially with mom.  Emma, welllll.... Emma gets put in the baby sled and I pull her down to like a tow truck of sleds.  The hard part is carrying Emma, my sled, and Emma's sled back up.  I wonder how she'd do if I sat her in front, then Eleanor, then myself. 

2. The basement is coming along incredibly well.  Sometimes I really do believe American culture makes it hard on itself.  We put ALL of our dressers down stairs next to the washer and drier.  Go downstairs, get your clothes, come up stairs, find an empty room or the bathroom, change clothes, if you can wear your pajamas again they go on your bed, if not they go down the laundry shoot.  No more taking loads up two flights of stairs.  Then finding time to fold.  Then finding time to sort.  Then finding time to actually put them away.  Boom. DONE.  Why does everyone have to have their dresser in their room?  Or NOT in the basement?  I'm sold on it and it's not changing.  The laundry chaos is enclosed in the basement where no guest can see, no piles on my bed, living room floor, couch, or anywhere else.  Sold!

3. Our house hunting is also on hold, kinda sorta.  We took on some debt ON PURPOSE to make some Gander Mountain purchases (need I say more?) and we have decided that we would rather pay them off first rather than save for a down payment.  Why not do both at the same time?  True. We are focusing our normal paycheck towards GM and not towards a down payment on a home. Our conviction is to not have outside debt such as a Kohl's card or a Discover card debt that we have used to go out to eat or whatever the case may be.  This is our own conviction to not have that type of debt.  However, we have decided to take on a mortgage (yes, it is a type of debt) and pay it off as QUICKLY as oh so humanly possible.  Once again, this is our own conviction thankyouvermuch.