Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's a good day for blogging

*Good luck keeping up with me on this one.  It's more of a rambling of sentences.*

Also known as a Crying Kind of Day.  Ohhhhhhh how these types of days can sneak up on a person.  On one hand I want to play the 'pregnant card', and pregnant with a girl to boot!  But I've been taking my vitamins with all of the extras.  I don't get enough sleep, which is new because those who know me know we are an early to bed early to rise type of family.  Eleanor has been sleeping in until 8-8:30 which is unheard of in my kids.  However, we have lunch at 11:30, and BOOM down for naps at noon on the dot.  Ethan does not sleep for quiet time.  He lays on the bed and 'rests'.  I'm usually taking that time to mop the floor and catch up on dishes.  And though I do try to catch up on housework, it never seems to show.  If you were to walk in my home right at this moment you'd see laundry (CLEAN thankyouverymuch) to put away, the vaccum is out constantly, a dirty high chair that I think I'm going to put in the shower to scrub, and two bags of garbage by the front door to take out because I am not lugging garbage upstairs in negative degree weather.  Amongst other misc items to take care of. 
Nobody wants to see stretch marks, but isn't this the sweetest picture of the kids standing
 nearby to hear the baby's heart beep? Yes, the kids say the baby's heart beeps.  CUTE!

We went to an open gym kids event this morning at church, a total blessing!  It's so nice to give the kids a place to run and play without anything slowing them down.  We are able to bring trikes and put them in their play clothes (that gym floor is pretty dirty but that's fine) and let them loose!  I wore a denim skirt, big ol' Columbia boots, and am currently 35 weeks pregnant yet I shot some hoops with Ethan.  4 kids in 5 years.  Bring. It. On.

Then we went on to the next event, my favorite Bible Study at a little Baptist church.  The women who attend this study are phenomenal.  Very wise.  Sweet.  Plain ol' SMART.   "When I grow up I want to be like her," kind of stuff.

In the nursery at our homeschool co-op.
However, on the yuck side of life, today I cried THREE TIMES!  First, out of plain frusteration with Ethan.  That kid....  Lord, give me a break!  Show me that I'm mkaing a difference!  He won't take no for an answer.  Defiant.  Hard to handle.  He repeats questions constantly.  "Ethan, I already answered that.  Ask me a different question." Is this for attention?  I think it is.  I know that raising kids is trainning, hard work, constant, etc.  Yes I've heard it.  I've read it.  I've studied it all.  I am in a constant state of prayer.  No, really.  It is CONSTANT.  Pray without ceasing, right?  Okay, no problem.  It just wears a gal down. Like, Lord give me a break.

Ernest is every teacher's favorite kid.  They love him.  Constantly.  And he runs to me when he sees me.  "Moommmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyy!"  Love love love it.  To me, those moments are my "Christmas Bonus" that the people who work 40 hours get every year.  Or at least Chevy gets in Christmas Vacation. 
My niece had a pool party for her birthday so the day before I had the boys try on their lifejackets so we'd be able to slip them on and not have any problems at the party.  Go me and being ahead of the game!

Ethan finished one of his literature books and was very proud of his accomplishment.
Eleanor is a hoot and likes to look around at people to make sure they are looking at her.  Seriously.  She is a diva and will bully the two year old.  I have no idea how it's going to work out once the baby comes.  Eleanor is a 'mama's girl' and claims my lap and my face as hers.  She wants to see my face, my eyes looking at her, my lap is available for her and her only and will scream if Ernest sits in it to read a book. 

The words in my house that are most spoken are: No, Did you apologize?, ARE YOU GLORIFYING GOD WHEN YOU DO THAT?, and my favorite is- Lord Jesus help this child.  Well, after "I love you" because I try to shove it down their throats that eventhough mom is busy and going, mama loves you.  I sit on the floor to fold clothes and read an I Spy book with two little children in my lap and a five year old who wants to play with the baking soda/vinegar rocketship indoors right now.  As in, right now in the house who cares if it's -2 outside we'll shoot it off inside.  Like there isn't enough to do.  Lord Jesus help that child.
How to keep the kids content while waiting for the doctor?  Bust out the camera and tell them
to make silly faces or act like a (quiet) animal.

I love my family.  My job is hard.  It really is.  To sit and do nothing but reapply lipstick and facebook is a facade.  A total myth.  I wish my home reflected my hard work.  Too many times I look around and think Where did I go wrong!  Nothing got done!  I had my family sit down to dinner, got everyone a drink, everyone got a fork, and everyone was content.  Then Kendall was done and I said he'd better sit there and watch me eat because I need some time together at the table as a complete family.  My food is cold, the baby is out of milk, Ernest spilled his water, Ethan wants more, and I think "Nobody is bleeding, this is NOT a bad night at the dinner table". 

It is still STILL onmy heart that my kids are homeschooled.  It's so God.  Don't ask me why I homeschool, ask God.  Never in my life did I think I was going to be doing this.  It has it's ups and down like any other day or moment.  Ernest likes to do his 'school' with Ethan, although his consists of a coloring book and three crayons.  Eleanor gets 1 crayon and 1 piece of paper.  Good enough.  Or she's in bed asleep during quiet time.

It's now 2am.  Here's to a good night's sleep.
Make a face!

Lord, remind me that I am blessed with healthy children.  I am blessed with a wonderful hardworking man.  I am blessed with my own good health and a healthy baby girl who is due to arrive in a few weeks.  Lord, remind me that my kids love me and show it in their own little ways.  Go ahead and kick my butt Lord, I know sometimes I need it.