Monday, March 5, 2012

Forever pregnant

We went in to be (potentially) induced this morning.  Yesterday we went to Christina's to discuss our plan of action and decided to use the pitocin, if nothing happens, stop the pitocin and go home.  Being induced is pretty tiring, to not have the end results you had wanted or planned on makes it the ultimate mental exhaustion.  If nothing happens, then nothing happens and lets go home.  Everything taken with a grain of salt.

Today we went in and Dr. J said let's have an ultrasound to double check the babies heartrate, amniotic fluid, movement, and placenta.  If everything's good, why rush things?  If there's an alarm, then let's go ahead with the induction.  Sound good to me!  Inductions are a medical intervention that are wonderful when necessary.  I have no problem being induced, however if I can avoid it with peace at mind that everything is going well and nothing alarming can be forseen, then all the better.  My bladder and back can handle this, right? 

The ultrasound from today showed no cause for concern so we packed it up and headed back home.  I considered the 2 hours of using the hospital room a mini vacation.  Nobody needed me and we had great conversations, bliss! 

An appointment has been made to see Dr J in the clinic on Friday, Christina will be coming along with me.  All to check check double check things.  In the mean time, I hope to go on my own.

Bonus- we saw her via ultrasound this morning and were able to see the hair on her head!  AMAZING!


  1. We saw hair on Tessa's last is so cool! Glad to hear that you are okay with this new plan....continuing to pray for you!!!

  2. Remember the verse God gave you about waiting? I think that is where His will lies. It STINKS being pregnant at the end, and I know the mental exhaustion well! Love you!