Monday, April 26, 2010

Mederma stretch mark cream

"Does this diaper make me look fat?"

I recieved stretch mark cream to use as and give feedback about. While I've only been using it a week, it smells mega good and is very silky smooth. I don't have large, deep, red stretch marks. Mine are old from the teenage years and aren't "that bad" from pregnancy. Should I, or shouldn't I post pictures of before and after? Hmmmm.... I was using Mary Kay's night solution and saw awesome results with it on my face and stretch marks on the belly (if I do say so myself, thankyouverymuch). I always tell people it is "Flintstone's vitamins for your face". But I like trying new products, and these are old. Worth a shot and free, so why not? :)

Ernest is in the 3% body weight category for his age, so we have supplemented formula at his doctor's request. So he's skinny, what's the big deal? We have to go into the doc's tomorrow to see if he's gained some weight since formula. Needless to say, his top teeth have started to come in, so I'm DONE nursing him. 10 months is a record for me, YAY!! I feel like I did my part. Plus, he eats and eats and eats and eats.... he's usually the last one at the table.

Friday, April 23, 2010

tired potatoes

I'm tired. I take 2 hour naps every day. I'm up anywhere between 5:30-8am every day. I'm in bed between 10pm and midnight. I wake up cranky. I NEED MY ENERGY! Is this a thyroid issue? Better schedule? More physical exercise? Eat better? No more naps?

This is so frusterating. I want my 4 year old's energy level. 1. I'd get more things done. 2. I'd be skinny again!

Off the subject: POTATO SOUP ROCKS!
Sooooo good the 4 year old pounded his down. The baby ate all of his potatoes and some broth (of course, that kid is a trash compactor), and I thought it was doggone good! Plus very simple to make, and inexpensive! Who DOESN'T have this stuff? We subbed good old fashioned low fat milk for the heavy cream, no problem.

While you are on that website, look around! This lady has the housewife stuff down!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

babes and losses

Here is a picture of what you can purchase for $4 at the Minnesota Zoo.

We are so excited to be having another newborn in the house this fall. Our other baby is almost 10 months and our not-so-little-baby is going to be 4 next week. We need to go in for our ultrasound and bloodwork. Speaking of baby's, my cousin and his wife just lost another child invitro. Ugh, my heart just breaks for them. The nicest, sweetest, hardworking people. They have one son and their infant they just lost was another boy. I had a hard time with a 12 week miscarriage, I cannot even relate to losing one where you could tell what gender the baby is and everything. My heart and prayers are with them. It makes me appreciate my children that much more. THEY ARE A GIFT! Even during meltdowns and teething...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

And so it begins

I have tried blogging on other sites and had issues with photos and site speed. So now I'm trying blogger. Will it be a big fat FAIL or will success prevail?! Only time will tell if this will become yet another blog gravesite......