Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chanel No. 5

As I'm walking into the kitchen Kendall says "OH NO!  WAS THAT BREAST MILK?!?!?!!!"  Apparently he had dumped out a bottle from my pumping efforts to bring in some liquid gold.  I just smiled and said yes.  As I walked away I hear him say "It might as well been Chanel No. 5..."

Now  that's a man who knows the efforts of breastfeeding.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A day of "Fine"

We had a Biophysical Ultrasound done today to check on Emma.  Everything was fine, she didn't move around a lot until the very end, and she almost lost points until she did squirming around.  I really get fidgety when people ask "Does the baby move?"  Well, yeah.  I see her butt move from the left to the right and it's usually at night.  But no, she doesn't squiggle squaggle like she used to.  Quit putting doubt in my mind that she should be doing more!  Arrrrgh...  The sweet ultrasound tech talked to my doc about her getting all of her points but being slow to move until the end.  I overheard the tech mention to him that Emma's amniotic fluids were low but still in the normal range.  Doc said he wants me to come in on Thursday morning to check the cervix and make a plan from there.  Fine.

I called Christina and asked her for her opinion of the appointment.  She agreed with what I felt it was, fine.  Fine fine fine.  Oh the patience!  I want to have this baby all natural, just like my last two.  Natural without any I.V.'s or pokes.  Nothing holding me down or prohibiting me from moving into whatever position gets this kid out quickest.  I literally have to surrender the worry of 'what if' to God serveral times a day.

 We have all learned so much from these extra appointments and time spent at the clinic.  Having Christina nearby keeps me grounded and I know she'll speak up if something sounds weird that I just don't have the education to make a solid grounded judgement call on.  Does that sound harsh?  Yeah well I have to pee every 27 minutes (or so it seems) so having a level headed person around is a great idea at this point.

There was no hair to be see on Emma this time simply because she was squished and even I had a hard time figuring out what was what on the screen.  I was able to see that she was going to be born with some Eleanor Cheeks (read: full with no neck underneath).  On most ultrasounds the bones are a darker shade of gray, Emma's are pure white and hard.  Amazing.  Seeing her on ultrasound today gave me a greater sense of peace in knowing this kid is capable of being born at any moment and would be just fine in doing so.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Graceful homesteading blog giveaway has a wonderful little giveaway.  I have been following her blog for a few years now and am completely smitten with her family and life.  After reading a person's blog for so long, you can't help but feel like a part of their family!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Forever pregnant

We went in to be (potentially) induced this morning.  Yesterday we went to Christina's to discuss our plan of action and decided to use the pitocin, if nothing happens, stop the pitocin and go home.  Being induced is pretty tiring, to not have the end results you had wanted or planned on makes it the ultimate mental exhaustion.  If nothing happens, then nothing happens and lets go home.  Everything taken with a grain of salt.

Today we went in and Dr. J said let's have an ultrasound to double check the babies heartrate, amniotic fluid, movement, and placenta.  If everything's good, why rush things?  If there's an alarm, then let's go ahead with the induction.  Sound good to me!  Inductions are a medical intervention that are wonderful when necessary.  I have no problem being induced, however if I can avoid it with peace at mind that everything is going well and nothing alarming can be forseen, then all the better.  My bladder and back can handle this, right? 

The ultrasound from today showed no cause for concern so we packed it up and headed back home.  I considered the 2 hours of using the hospital room a mini vacation.  Nobody needed me and we had great conversations, bliss! 

An appointment has been made to see Dr J in the clinic on Friday, Christina will be coming along with me.  All to check check double check things.  In the mean time, I hope to go on my own.

Bonus- we saw her via ultrasound this morning and were able to see the hair on her head!  AMAZING!