Friday, February 25, 2011

Build it and they will come

I hope this pertains to tomatoes.

I have decided there is a need for a vegetable garden in my life.  Our family eats pretty healthy considering what all is available in a box.  The only 'boxed meals' we have are macaroni and cheese.  Other than that, everything is cooked and assembled out of love.  Awww.

Ethan and Ernest can already eat their fair share of food in this home and that whole "at age one they slow down, then it picks back up in a few years" eatting method must have skipped over my womb because these kids can eat from the get go.

Lord have mercy when I have two teenage boys to feed.

With that said, I need a garden.  I've never been one to have a green thumb.  My mom used to throw out watermelon, cantaloupe, jalapeno, and tomato seeds in a pile of dirt alongside our house.  Sometimes stuff would grow, sometimes it wouldn't.  However, coming from deep south Texas, we had a constant supply of grapefruit, figs, pecan, papaya, oranges, and a previous grapefruit tree that was burned down and rebuilt itself as a "sour fruit tree".  So sour, infact, those nasty crackles wouldn't even touch it.  This is the extent of my gardening capabilities.

I'm not worried about insecticides on plants but that stuff can't be good for you.  Even if you do use cool scrubbing brushes and peel the skins, doesn't that stuff soak in?  Like how our skin soaks in moisturizers?  I'm a girl.  This is how I relate.

And now gas is $3.49/gallon.  I can totally see banana's going over the $1/pound mark soon, and banana's are still the cheapest thing out there!  All that food needs to be shipped, and you know Dole doesn't feel like taking the hit.  Of course they'll pass it on to their consumers.  Which is me.  And you. 

I need a plan.  So far, I'm collecting every gallon milk, cottage cheese, and sour cream container I can.  I plan on starting my seeds off in these little containers, then transfering them as they grow.  I'm thinking of using totes, like the kind you see at Walmart to store Christmas ornaments in.  Let's just say I'm still in the research stages.

Since I know know nothing of my surroundings, I have no idea what type of soil is in Minnesota (Texas is a clay like mixture, lots of sand since we are on the coast).  I don't know what really grows in Minnesota.  I do know I haven't seen any grapefruit trees.  The one thing I had going for me!

Also, there is a lack of sunlight and space.  We live in a teeny apartment with no. real. windows.  I repeat- no. real. windows.  We have several windows of that cubed-glass-stuff that lets in light but nobody can look in and see me naked.  (Not that I walk around naked, but if I ever chose to walk around naked I'd have that option due to the cubed-glass-stuff).  And there is one window that pops out in the actual bedroom part of the apartment.  There's a fancy name for it, but the only thing you can see out that window is dirt because it leads to a hole in the ground to escape from incase of an emergency.  See what I'm dealing with here, people?  Madness.

If you have any great ideas, websites, or techniques, send them my way.  Gardening for Dummies is starting to look like a good read.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Minivan 0, Snow 1

Poor poor minivan.  You're sweet two wheel drive just wasn't up to our snow fall from yesterday.  And you said "To heck with this!" and threw in the towel.  I don't blame you.

On my way to pick up a friend before MOPS today, I turned either too slowly or too quickly, missed the slimly plowed alleyway to my friends house, and went right into a snow drift.  The minivan was stuck and no amount of "reverse, forward, reverse, forward, reverse, forward" motion was going to free her.  It's a good thing I was one house away so I told Ethan to stay in the car, then ran over to her house.  Sadly enough, I was wearing sneakers, no hat, and no gloves because "it's not like I'm going to be outside or anything, I'm just driving to church".  Tsk tsk, lesson learned.

Two teenagers tried to push me out while in reverse.  Nada.  Not even a budge.  A sweet (cough, older) neighbor stopped by and asked if we needed to be dug out.  Yes.  Yes we do.  This is just pathetic.  So the sweet (cough, older) neighbor starts digging us out using a wide snow shovel while we look on helplessly.  I wouldn't even know where to begin if I were asked to do it.  The snow behind the tires, right?  Or the deepest snow?  Or the snow behind the back tires?  What about the front of the tires, do I rock the car forwards and backwards?  Pathetic.

This is the exact reason why I have a "Don't Mess With Texas" bumper sticker on my minivan.  I might have a Minnesota license plate but this driver is southern, especially in the winter.

My friend drove her car out to into the alley to nudge the minivan back into the street, but doing so would have caused hood damage because the nose was down deep.  Sigh.

Finally, the sweet (cough, older) neighbor retrieved her husband and between her, the husband, my friend, and two teenagers, they were able to push the minivan backwards into the street while I gassed it in reverse.

Who's ready for June?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 2/20/2011

Outside my window: snow!  And I hear those rumbling snow plows fly by every few hours.
I am thinking... about how that Neti pot worked on my sinuses.
I am thankful for... heat!  Especially here in Minnesota.  There are only so many blankets you can put on before it just gets to be too cumbersome to move around.
From the kitchen... Kendall making a late night porkchop.  Mmmm, meat.  We are definitly a carnivorous family.
I am wearing... courdoroy pants, blue 3/4 length shirt, and wool socks.  This is what I wore to church today since I was in the nursery with TEN babies.  I called in the 'mama troops' to help out.
I am remembering... to take my fennel to avoid colic in Eleanor!  I think she appreciates it.

I am going... nowhere tomorrow.  Let's bake!
I am reading...Ohhhhh, so excited!  I'm reading Large Family Logistics! LOVE IT!!!!
I am hoping... for some snuggles before Kendall goes to bed.  I love that man.
I am hearing... sizzling porkchops and a snoring baby.  Sweet sweet baby sounds.
Pondering these words... "The grocery store was packed today.  There were three people in line before me and three people in line after me."- Kendall.  Compared to the Walmarts in Texas, that would be a quick trip.
Around the house...the ill effects of my nap today.  Thank you Kendall for feeding, bathing, and playing with the boys.  I'd much rather have him spend quality time with the kids on the weekend than clean up beans and sippy cups.
On my mind... I hope we get a washer and drier in the next few weeks!  Lord willing, all we would need is a hook up installed and the man who owns the house we rent from is a plumber.  Plus Kendall's sister is giving us her old washer and drier.  The drier needs a new thingamajig that Kendall said he could order from Sears.  Amen and amen.
Noticing that... I'm really started to enjoy my blog.  I'm glad my readers are enjoying my blog too!

One of my favorite things... being creative.  I'm so glad I'm getting to use my creative juices as the main Publicity guru for my MOPS group.  Plus, this blog has been a great creative outlet for me.  Now if I could just get some baby books scrapbooked..
A few plans for the rest of the week: MOP Spa Day on Tuesday, Bible Study Thursday, love on this family of mine every day

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
And her aunt's pretty stinkin' cute.

Spiral Slicer giveaway- Bring on the curly fries!

You know curly fries are fun, so let's make some!!

InAShoe is hosting a giveaway of a spiral slicer. I'm thinking fun apple curlies and potato curls.  Mmmmm, potato....

Disney Princesses On Ice

SassyFrazz is giving away a family four pack to see Disney on Ice in March.  The boys would get a kick out of seeing people spin and jump around on ice, so I entered to win some tickets.

Go there to enter, wear a tutu and lipstick while you do it! ;)

Apple Valley Natural Soap- scents galore!

Remember when I won that soap giveaway a few days ago?  It was difficult choosing just three because the product description of each soap sounds amazingly appealing.  After reading a little I'd think "Ooooh I could use that!", "Wow that sounds refreshing!", and "They can make soap that does that?"

Fancy stuff here people.  This ain't your grandma's Irish Spring.

After giving it a well thought out decision, I went with the following (note: I just copied and pasted the products name and description right off the Premium Shampoo and Body Bars section of their website )

MAN Shampoo and Body Bar-
This bar is for men, so we’ll get straight to the point. One big grizzly bar. Dual purpose: body and hair. Lots of lather. Invigorating scent. Strong ingredients that deodorize. No specks of stuff in it. Just pure and natural MAN bar. Get the job done.

Herbal Emu Shampoo and Body Bar-
 Formulated for extremely dry hair types, our Herbal Emu bar is full of ingredients that will infuse hair and skin with moisture. This bar is generously enriched with 20% shea nut butter, nourishing wheat germ oil, silky sweet almond oil, hair and skin-loving jojoba oil and finally, our key ingredient: thick and luxurious emu oil, well known for its multitudinous benefits for hair and skin. We’ve also added hydrolyzed wheat protein for strengthening the hair follicle and shaft as well as a delightful, herbal, minty essential oil blend of white thyme, clary sage, spearmint and rosemary…all known for their ability to treat gray hair symptoms. Whether you have graying hair or simply need a super moisturizing treatment for dry, damaged hair and skin, this bar might be for you!
Bella Rose Shampoo and Body Bar-
 This delicate, floral scented bar celebrates femininity with flair! Moisturizing mango butter and rich olive, wheat germ, avocado and jojoba oils pack this bar with emollient, conditioning power, while pink kaolin clay and rose hips cleanse toxins from the skin and scalp leaving you with a clean, healthy head of beautiful, easy to manage hair and a silky body softly scented with lovely rose, jasmine and sandalwood essential oils. One customer’s husband said this scent was the perfect aphrodisiac!

Ohhhhhhh Betsy, it's like Christmas over here...  I waited one day after placing my order and bam my soap arrived via USPS mail.  Fast product delivery = happy me!  The box alone had amazing scents rising from it.  I instantly picked up on the minty-ness from within.  In fact, my desk still has a mint aroma around it.  That must have been some good mint...

The package was wrapped every-so-daintily in a clear gift bag and tied with three different colored twine. (If I only had a working cotton-pickin' camera. grrrr).   I immediately unwrapped it and gave my husband his "Man Soap".  I said "Smell this!  Oh my gosh this smells like how a man is supposed to smell!"  

Note: I like men to smell like men.  Think-
 knight-in-shining-armor x Tom-Cruise-in-his-Top-Gun-days + a-dash-of-The-Brawny-Man = man smell.




The way men should smell.

Got it?

Anywho- the first thing Kendall says is "It smells like Old Spice." then he promptly puts it into the shower.  He is currently on an Old Spice kick, utilizing not only their after shave but the deodorant and body gel as well.  Whoa, this guy likes his Old Spice.

Next is my Emu soap- hello minty mama!  This is the bad boy I could smell from the mailbox.  What sold me on this one was the claim: "Whether you have graying hair or simply need a super moisturizing treatment for dry, damaged hair and skin, this bar might be for you!"
Running an electric heater all day every day isn't only hard on your sinuses, it's hard on your skin and hair as well.  Moisturizer is my best friend.  I also tend to have skin on the drier side (read: Sahara Desert skin).  Plus all the natural extracts and oils sounded pretty nifty too. 

I try really hard to consume things in their most natural state.  The only boxed meal in this house is macaroni and cheese and even then it's one of those meals used in a  'break seal in the case of emergency need of consumption' type of moments.  You know,  like when it's 1:30, all three children have low blood sugar, I need a nap, and for cryin' out loud who pooped? kind of moments.  Being able read every single ingredient in this soap was a major bonus in having good confidence there wasn't anything in it that gave a mouse three heads in some lab factory. 

The last soap is my Rose soap that simply smells like a sweet bouquet of roses.  Fresh, spring, floral, subtle, feminine.  These are all words to describe this bar.  I believe it is going to be my Saturday Only soap and not to be used daily, only when I know I'll be around Kendall.  I like smelling a girl around him instead of Dawn dish soap with a touch of Clorox.  The poor guy sometimes needs to be reminded that I am in-fact a girl and not the cleaning lady so smelling like one couldn't hurt.

And about actually using the soap-
I have been using the Emu soap as a moisturizer on my face and elbows.  My poor elbows are so dry that my sweaters stick to them, ew!  I lather the soap between my hands and then rub the minty bubbles on the driest spots.  This far into winter, everything is dried out from being indoors and around drying heaters.  It's like taking a bath in lotion, it feels so good!  Everything about this soap screams- rich moisturizer!

  The best.

Move over Irish Spring, soft and smooth skin here I come!

For more information on these soaps, the website for this small family owned company is linked here:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ernest gets a present

My camera has taken a poop and is no longer in working condition.  I have three, THREE, camera's lined up on the desk that do not work or do not have batteries. 

The battery-less camera's are so pitiful I don't even want to purchase the batteries to make them work.  Oh the insanity.

So we get to see past pictures of my kids!  Squeal!

Aunt Heather is always good for fun surprises in the mail.  This is her Valentine's day package for Ernest.
Mom, I have no small motor skills.  A little help over here?

A bib!  It's Eleanors.  Ernest got candy.  But it's such a cute bib and, trust me, the boy could always use a bib.  Happy second Valentine's day!
Mmmmm, candy candy candy candy.  I love you Aunt Heather! 
You give me the treats mom refuses to buy

Baby Eleanor slept the whold time.  Look at all of that sweetness!  I could just dip you in my coffee!

Won't you be my neighbor?


I had an overwhelming response to my previous post.  Facebook, yahoo, comments, private messages, everything short of an ad in the newspaper.  People I didn't even know could give a whoop about me actually read my stuff?    And left comments?

So, in response to the response about my response (got it?), I'm going to go out on a limb with a request:

Would you pretty please click the "follow" button on the right side of the page?  It shows ten people and if my math is correct (and it very well could be since I had a cup of coffee in the last four hours) there are much more than ten faithful followers.

Yes you have to sign up and yada yada yada, but then that's the end and you never have to mess around with it ever again.  Well... as far as I know.  And I don't know much about the whole 'blogosphere'.  But it is with great confidence that it'd be the last time you'd have to deal with signing up for google stuff again.

I'm trying ok?  And I hear the baby crying.  And we've seen this Word Girl five times already.  And where's Ernests diaper?

I gotta go, click "follow"!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

God Allows U-Turns

I don't remember the exact date or time that I recommitted my life to Christ.  All I know is, Ethan was born and I hadn't moved to Minnesota yet.

Life was still turned upside down, baby boy and all.  I was "with Kendall" because he was my kids dad.  I was forcing my self to keep up with Kendall, to stick with him.  I still wanted to go back to the bars.  I still didn't want to be in a "commitment" relationship.  My divorce form my first husband had been finalized, but it wasn't final in my heart.

Now I'm a single mom, living with my parents.  My son's dad lives in Minnesota, I live in Texas.  My ex is in Virginia.  I'm broke.  No education.  I have a newborn.  Now what?  Who's going to want this baggage?   Want to sum up my life?  Two words: messed up.

I remember I had Ethan with me as I drove by my old church that I went to for Vacation Bible School and Youth group as a kid.  No, I didn't grow up "in the church", but I had grown close to some of their members over the few time's I had attended that church.  What are the odds that anyone there would recognize me.  If they heard my story would they be disappointed in me?  Would they smile with sympathy?

I pulled into their parking lot, sighed, and said "Okay God, let's talk."

I remembered where their nursery was, so I dropped off Ethan and headed into their service.  I just so happened to be driving by on a Sunday night right before their evening service started.  Perfect timing.  Thanks God.

I went to the balcony because it's usually vacant.  I remember scanning it to see where to sit and I actually recognized an old friend from Youth group!  Wow, what are the odds?  Thanks God.  She recognized me and invited me to sit with her.  I think I was on the verge of tears and just said something along the lines of "I just want to go back to church."

Then the service started.

They had always had an amazing choir, they are Southern Baptist after all.  Announcements.  Soloist sings. "You may be seated."

"Whatever, I'm here to see what you have.  What do you have to offer me?  How are you going to help me?  I'm here seeking something, anything, to change this road I'm on.  I know I have dug my ditch and, let me tell you, I'm laying down in it.  Face down.  Tell me what I have to do, okay?  Whatever, as long as I get it together again."

There was nothing less than a tornado of emotions and thoughts in my head until the pastor started to speak.

And my eyes were opened.

I don't remember much about the sermon except for the part about the book.  Towards the end, he said (written in the way I remember it, thankyouverymuch) :

 "Every one's life is like a book.  You're writing a book, every breath you take is written in the book.  And things are going good.  Then, out of nowhere, you stumble.  A roadblock appears.  And in your book, the ink is spilled.  It smears everywhere.  Your book is a disaster.  It's a complete mess!  But you keep on writing, because you're still breathing.  The ink has spilled pretty badly and has saturated the pages, so for many, sometimes chapters worth, of pages are destroyed and ruined.  But you keep writing.  You're still breathing.  Soon, the ink smears are getting lighter.  As you keep writing your book, the ink gets lighter and lighter with each page turn.  Sometimes it feels like it's taking an eternity, but your pages are becoming cleaner.  Prettier.  Things are looking up again.  If you keep writing your book, and stick with it, you will be able to reach a point where the pages are clean again.  But you must keep writing the book.  Stick with life, and the Lord, and He'll give you the strength to keep writing your book."

I remember listening to him speak.  I also remember holding back sobs and thinking, "Lord!  I really really want to get to some clean pages.  This sucks, I'm not doing this whole life thing right.  What the heck happened?  Get me back to where I belong!"

At the end of the sermon there was an alter call.  The kind of alter call where if you want live your life for the Lord, then get your butt down there and give your heart to the Lord already!  The pastor kept saying "If you have made a decision to give your heart to the Lord tonight, then make it public!  We'd love to pray with you!"  But I knew that wasn't me.  I was already a Christian.  Just a really messed up one.  There's a difference. 

Then he said "I know there are still people who need to come down here.  If you need to rededicate your life to Christ then come down here and we'll pray with you."


I turned to my friend and said "Will you come down there with me?"

She didn't even say anything, just nodded her head.  I grabbed her hand and about pulled the poor girl down the stairs.

We reached the front and an older gentleman in a suit from the late 80's met us there.  I said "I want to rededicate my life to Christ."  He put his hand on my shoulder and said "Well, God always allow u-turns."

AMEN!  I have clung, clung people, to those words.  God does allow u-turns.

The rest is history.  It has been a white knuckled, bloodied knees, cry-yourself-to-sleep adventure from there on. The peace, however, makes it worth it.

I do feel bad for those bad choices I made.  Man oh man do I ever.  People got hurt because of my stinking thinking.  Good people got hurt in the midst of it all.  I do feel bad for it all.  And if you are reading this post, I'm so so so sorry.  I was wrong.  All of my actions "back in the day" were so selfish and unnecessary.  I have carried those hurts for many years.  And I've had to purposely give them to the Lord, repeatedly. 

At this point in my life, I'm still working through them.  The Devil likes to dangle those memories in my face and tell me 'I'm no good' and 'I still have it in me to act like that'.  And day after day, I give them all to the Lord. 

Remind me, Lord, that I am forgiven.  Use this testimony for good, let it be a help an encouragement for those out there in the world that I encounter.  Let me give hope to those out there who could use some hope.  Let me be the salt of the earth like you have asked of me. 

I am no longer ashamed.  I'm a woman on fire for the Lord.  A gal who wants to tell the world "Hey, I know what it's like.  Been there.  Done that.  And those scars will fade but they never go away.  I'll show you where to get some peace."

Monday, February 14, 2011

Inorder to be Merrier, you must first become a Mohr

How "I" became "us".

The night Kendall proposed.  Apparently I had never heard of 'sunlight' or 'bronzer' in this picture.  He had always had a goatee, but that night he shaved clean.  His mother 'volunteered' to watch Ethan so we could have a dinner by ourselves.  We sat by the fireplace and there were fresh purple flowers waiting for us on the table.  I shoulda known he was up to something.  Our dinner was at Carlsona Beach Supper Club (no plastic silverware and paper napkins at this fancy resort!). 
 Sad to say, it did burn down.  I'll always remember it.

Our engagement picture! 
Pure and simple; just two people in love. 
His mother took this picture of us on their property up in northern Minnesota. 
 It was Christmas eve.

Our first kiss as husband and wife.   At the end of his vows he said "meow".  His mother even got it on tape.

A little Lutheran church up north.  I had one friend that flew out from Washington state to be my maid of honor.  Everyone who attended was from his side of the family, none of my family was able to make it.  My parents were on speaker phone using my cell phone that I held in my bouquet.

Ethan.  I now remember he did have Ernest's light hair color as a toddler! He was one year and one month old when we got married.

My maid of honor, Melissa.  Isn't she gorgeous?  She caught the red eye to fly in and was at work on Monday morning, what a trooper.  She also wore cowboy boots and daisy dukes to the rehersal. 
 I love this girl.

Our wedding pictures were taken on a nearby beach, between the church and reception hall.  Gorgeous day in June, stunning in every way.

I've always had a thing for guns. 

 Our photographer was a complete blessing.  He shot our wedding at nearly a fraction of the cost he charges because our original photographer fell through.  He and his wife stayed and ate at the reception, she was expecting their second child at the time. 

And our honeymoon. 
 Las Vegas. 
 I was pregnant, nauseated, tired, and didn't want to be there. 
But it was fun to get out and see the country.  Plus Kendall let me have the window seat, something he has reminded of a few times since then. 

Thanks honey. I love you, too.

Eleanor learns how to read

Ethan's love for his sister never ceases to amaze me.  Let's read her a book!

A posed shot.  Because everyone like a forced and/or cheesy grin.  Thanks guys.

Pointing to the pictures.  This book even had a musical chip that played classical music everytime the book was opened.

Putting baby to sleep.  Reading is such hard work at a young age.

Thank you, Ethan for going over "Reading 101" with Eleanor at three months old.

Raising Homemakers Book GIVE AWAY

Raising Homemakers is hosting a book giveaway.  In this house, there is no such thing as 'too many books'.  Let me tell ya, it'd be nice to read something other than Brown Bear Brown Bear.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Never give up, Never surrender!

Guess WHAT!

 I won a giveaway at Life in a Shoe!  Kim has eight girls and TWO boys.  God bless her, can you imagine how much shampoo she goes through?

She hosted a soap giveaway and I won!  I try to enter giveaways to blogs as much as possible because it costs nothing but maybe four minutes of your time, plus I'm sure it feels good to see people entering your giveaways.  I have been reading her blog for at least three years, I know it's been since Ethan's was an infant. 

I feel like a million bucks.
It's totally the little things in life that matter. :)
Just keepin' it real.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winterfest 2011

Saturday we were able to enjoy Winterfest, an outdoor event at our local wildlife refuge.  It took about 45 minutes to get everyone ready- read: changed diapers, layered clothes, coats, boots, sippy cups, put on my baby sling, in the car, wipe off the sweat).  We last about two hours and we able to see a presentation about owls (they have the stomach acid pH of vinegar, who know?!), play in an igloo looking hut thingie, roast a marshmallow, enjoy hot chocolate, roll down a hill, and get some nice outdoor time.

My camera battery died and I was only able to obtain a few shots of  the kids warming up in the minivan.

I shed a tear, no doubt.

Momma, why are you taking pictures of me?  Don't you have plenty? 

There are never enough pictures of a baby in a Tigger snowsuit.

Sans absolutely any makeup, in all my glory.  However, I have moisturized like none other.  The cold sucks the moisture out of the air like a Hoover.

Be still my heart....

Ernest regularly walks around sticking out his tongue.  Bless his little heart he's probably frozen in that position.  Notice the snowsuit, two sweatshirts, onesie, two pairs of socks, sweatpants, and boots didn't help any.  It's a lot of work living in a Minnesota winter!

Goober in the back with his "rescue plane" because he's going to be a "rescue pilot". 

He also claims he's going to marry me because "that would be nice!" 
 Sweet sweet child. 
You have no idea what your father puts up with.

(Note: he is surrounded by bags of clothes to be donated to my MOPS groups upcoming clothing exchange.  I really enjoy helping them with their clothing exchange, several mom's have had babies this year in our group and many don't find out the gender- how? I have no idea.  Anyway, if they have a boy, I can hook them up in 3t clothes.)

Fat thighs

This upcoming summer I will be spending plenty of time in the sun with my boys and this one-

Is your baby in a swimsuit?

Why yes, yes she is.

Fat thighs never looked so good.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Apple Valley Natural Soap giveaway

One of my favorite blogs, Life in A Shoe, is hosting a soap giveaway.  Hooray!

Go over there and enter, couldn't hurt!  The least that'll happen is you come back smelling better :-).

I'm way cooler than bread.

Do you think that parents who homeschool are respected by their school aged children more than parent's with publicly schooled children?  I wonder simply because I spend so much one on one time with my kids going over phonics, books, cuddles *swoon*, addition, helicopters that maybe my kids see me as more than a mom. 

Maybe homeschooled kids see their 'teaching' parent as the one who holds a key to reading on their own.  To my four year old, it's like gold!  I know how to read, and if I show him how to read then he can read too.  Then, because I've given him the freedom of educating himself, Mr. Independent Four-Year-Old-Spiderman-Kid, then I'm the coolest thing since sliced bread.

I love it when he wears the robot costume while adding elephants to pineapples.

The four year old, not the husband.  Just clarifying...