Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Minivan 0, Snow 1

Poor poor minivan.  You're sweet two wheel drive just wasn't up to our snow fall from yesterday.  And you said "To heck with this!" and threw in the towel.  I don't blame you.

On my way to pick up a friend before MOPS today, I turned either too slowly or too quickly, missed the slimly plowed alleyway to my friends house, and went right into a snow drift.  The minivan was stuck and no amount of "reverse, forward, reverse, forward, reverse, forward" motion was going to free her.  It's a good thing I was one house away so I told Ethan to stay in the car, then ran over to her house.  Sadly enough, I was wearing sneakers, no hat, and no gloves because "it's not like I'm going to be outside or anything, I'm just driving to church".  Tsk tsk, lesson learned.

Two teenagers tried to push me out while in reverse.  Nada.  Not even a budge.  A sweet (cough, older) neighbor stopped by and asked if we needed to be dug out.  Yes.  Yes we do.  This is just pathetic.  So the sweet (cough, older) neighbor starts digging us out using a wide snow shovel while we look on helplessly.  I wouldn't even know where to begin if I were asked to do it.  The snow behind the tires, right?  Or the deepest snow?  Or the snow behind the back tires?  What about the front of the tires, do I rock the car forwards and backwards?  Pathetic.

This is the exact reason why I have a "Don't Mess With Texas" bumper sticker on my minivan.  I might have a Minnesota license plate but this driver is southern, especially in the winter.

My friend drove her car out to into the alley to nudge the minivan back into the street, but doing so would have caused hood damage because the nose was down deep.  Sigh.

Finally, the sweet (cough, older) neighbor retrieved her husband and between her, the husband, my friend, and two teenagers, they were able to push the minivan backwards into the street while I gassed it in reverse.

Who's ready for June?

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