Friday, February 18, 2011

Ernest gets a present

My camera has taken a poop and is no longer in working condition.  I have three, THREE, camera's lined up on the desk that do not work or do not have batteries. 

The battery-less camera's are so pitiful I don't even want to purchase the batteries to make them work.  Oh the insanity.

So we get to see past pictures of my kids!  Squeal!

Aunt Heather is always good for fun surprises in the mail.  This is her Valentine's day package for Ernest.
Mom, I have no small motor skills.  A little help over here?

A bib!  It's Eleanors.  Ernest got candy.  But it's such a cute bib and, trust me, the boy could always use a bib.  Happy second Valentine's day!
Mmmmm, candy candy candy candy.  I love you Aunt Heather! 
You give me the treats mom refuses to buy

Baby Eleanor slept the whold time.  Look at all of that sweetness!  I could just dip you in my coffee!

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