Monday, February 14, 2011

Inorder to be Merrier, you must first become a Mohr

How "I" became "us".

The night Kendall proposed.  Apparently I had never heard of 'sunlight' or 'bronzer' in this picture.  He had always had a goatee, but that night he shaved clean.  His mother 'volunteered' to watch Ethan so we could have a dinner by ourselves.  We sat by the fireplace and there were fresh purple flowers waiting for us on the table.  I shoulda known he was up to something.  Our dinner was at Carlsona Beach Supper Club (no plastic silverware and paper napkins at this fancy resort!). 
 Sad to say, it did burn down.  I'll always remember it.

Our engagement picture! 
Pure and simple; just two people in love. 
His mother took this picture of us on their property up in northern Minnesota. 
 It was Christmas eve.

Our first kiss as husband and wife.   At the end of his vows he said "meow".  His mother even got it on tape.

A little Lutheran church up north.  I had one friend that flew out from Washington state to be my maid of honor.  Everyone who attended was from his side of the family, none of my family was able to make it.  My parents were on speaker phone using my cell phone that I held in my bouquet.

Ethan.  I now remember he did have Ernest's light hair color as a toddler! He was one year and one month old when we got married.

My maid of honor, Melissa.  Isn't she gorgeous?  She caught the red eye to fly in and was at work on Monday morning, what a trooper.  She also wore cowboy boots and daisy dukes to the rehersal. 
 I love this girl.

Our wedding pictures were taken on a nearby beach, between the church and reception hall.  Gorgeous day in June, stunning in every way.

I've always had a thing for guns. 

 Our photographer was a complete blessing.  He shot our wedding at nearly a fraction of the cost he charges because our original photographer fell through.  He and his wife stayed and ate at the reception, she was expecting their second child at the time. 

And our honeymoon. 
 Las Vegas. 
 I was pregnant, nauseated, tired, and didn't want to be there. 
But it was fun to get out and see the country.  Plus Kendall let me have the window seat, something he has reminded of a few times since then. 

Thanks honey. I love you, too.


  1. Favorite post yet! I love all of the pictures! You guys look so young and head over heels! But what's up with the meow?

  2. I love you Crystal, and would do it over a thousand times for you.
    These are some other funny memories of the most memorable wedding ever:
    -blooper of when for you to go down the aisle.
    -reverend forgetting the whole exchange ring thing and calling a do-over
    -kareoke reception
    -macerena reception song
    -your maid of honer helping you get into your dress, and then again out of it the following morning
    -bachelor and bacherette party in the same place in small town minnesota, and ending up playing cards at home :)

    Love you!

  3. lol fun post! We had some bloopers at our wedding, too. and ON camera the pastor introduced us as Mr. and Mrs. Lesteberg, haha, Donnie wasn't happy at all, and I didnt' even NOTICE! haha