Sunday, December 5, 2010

Don't lick a frozen pole.

Ethan got bundled up to "go check the mailbox".  I'm sure it was because this is daddy's job and since he's not around, typical little boy needs to take over for dad.  However, he was taking a bit too long and when I checked on him he was throwing some snowballs and being silly upstairs.  I don't mind this so much because he's a little boy with a lot of energy, too much for our little apartment.  A few minutes later he opened the door and was quite the site to see.  He wasn't screaming or crying so I knew nothing was broken or terribly injured.  The kicker was his jaw was covered in blood.

"Mom, my tongue is bleeding!"

Yes, Ethan and daddy have been watching A Christmas Story.  I'm sure the idea of licking a pole or whatever came into his head to see if it would really happen.

"Get to the sink!  What happend?  Did you lick a pole or something?"


Look at how much blood is on his jacket.  Poor little guy. 
No tears were shed in the recording of this catastrophe.
A few layers are missing on his tongue and a bit of his bottom lip got it too.

A pink swollen tongue.

My little ham.

Oh Ethan, you keep me on my toes.

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  1. what a tough little guy!!!!!!!!