Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's nice to dream

When cleaning dishes, I let me mind wander.  I go down my to-do list, what I got done, something funny a kid did that day, and most importantly I pray.  I tell God thank you for His provision, food, family, friends, work, health, and I pray for my children's future spouse (seriously, it's on my mind already)! 

Lately, it's been nice to dream.  I think of the floorplan of my dream home.  I want a wide open floor plan. The living room, kitchen, dining room should all be in view of each other so I can see everyone easily.  The thought of being in a different room than my children is unsettling to me.  Plus, since I'm home with the children all day long, I herd them.  Wherever I am, they are.  If I'm in the kitchen, now, they are in there with their toys.  The bathroom, not so much if I can help it.  One of these days I'll take a picture of little fingers beneath the door.

I want acreage, a large area to play.  To be able to say "Go outside and find a bug!' will be the highlight of my day.  I have two little boys with enough energy for all of us.  For Christmas, my favorite present for them was a mini trampoline for them to jump on.  They run from one wall to the other as it is, pretending they are racecars.  Boys have energy, little ones have major energy to burn.  Plus, I want chickens and two goats.  Mainly for eggs, meat, and milk.  I've killed every plant I've owned, so I'm not so sure I want to go there yet.  But maybe, with enough of a area to cover, it'd be something to dabble in. 

A washer and drier is another exciting moment I'm awaiting.  We currently do not have any mostly because there is no hook up installed in our apartment.  We do laundry about twice a month.  Twice. A. Month.  We have a monster laundry pile hidden away that Kendall gets to when he can.  Kendall washes laundry so they children don't have to go sit at the mat, plus I'm usually pregnant and that stuff get's heavy.  We have known no different so it's not hard to deal with, it's just the way it is.  Usually there are three or four totes of laundry to be done.    To be able to put a wet blanket, a puked on tshirt, or dirty towel into the wash right then and there is not something to be taken lightly.  To not have to wait until the next day will be a breath of fresh air.  Now that we have two little ones in diapers, plus all three of the kids are on the young side, I have really seen the effects they've had on a simple laundry pile.

And, a garage.  You try piling three little ones, blankets, diaper bag, coats, and snacks into the minivan while a.) -10` windchill, b.)snow falling c.)rain that falls horizontaly d.)ice is all around you.  On second thought, what in the world is so important that we'd take everyone out in that kind of weather.  Anyway, a garage will be great, especially for Kendall and his projects.

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