Friday, April 6, 2012

Patience paid

Kendall recieved a phone call today from the ManagerKindaGuy (I don't know what he's called but it's some sort of authority figure from a 'career' type job aka: a job I've never had).  The ManagerKindaGuy recieved authorization from the owner and the head human resources lady to hire Kendall granted Kendall passes his background check and drug check.  There is no reason for Kendall to not pass these two checks therefore we have decided that he is hired and we are waiting for him to sign all of that official type of paperwork (W2 and whatnot) and he'll be HIRED.  Like, a real job.  A "JOB" job!  A CAREER JOB!

Three years ago I was 6 months pregnant with Ernest when he was laid off.  Eleanor was five weeks old when we stopped recieving any type of income.  Emma had just turned three weeks old when Kendall recieved good news of a new job!  Ever single pregnancy/birth has been accompanied by another life changing chapter (well, other than the fact that I was having a baby).  Amazing.  

I'm most excited about having a new adventure in life.  Kendall said I could start looking for new furniture.  As in, furniture with drawers that open and close easily!  And we've started looking for a new home.  Get excited people. :)


  1. I am so excited for your whole family ! Answered prayers for sure ! I actually have goosebumps,the power of the Lord amazes me daily ! As I read through your Emma delivery story I got tears in my eyes,YOU ARE BLESSED dear! Congrats Kendall & thanks for sharing this wonderful news !!!! ~Amy Penner

  2. Oh the Lord is good to you and so we thank the Lord!!!! God is good - so glad that a new chapter is beginning for your family. Come look for houses out by me....LOL Then we can raise chickens and cows together! :)

  3. We ARE excited!!! God is moving :) I think you should too.... to Coon Rapids!!!