Thursday, November 14, 2013

A crafty November Wednesday

I was up before my kids.  Whenever I am up and at'em before the children are up and needing me, my day goes amazingly smoothly.  I think I need that time to put my ducks in order in my head mentally, accomplish a task (ANYTHING, even if it means taking my vitamins, lifting some weights, or checking my email), say a prayer, and begin my day slowly.  As time marches on I'm noticing my processing is slowing down every so slightly, my body has to let its engine idle gracefully and not wake up to demands.

Since I was up before my sweet babies, my day was going swell, so I decided what-the-hey and we accomplished three fall crafts.  This is big yall. 

Soap carving went surprisingly smooth.  We read a book named "Workshop" that goes over some old fashioned tools and describes them in perfect personification.  It is easily one of my four year olds favorite books. Then we went to Walmart and I decided, on the fly, lets make soap carvings!  One extra trip down the body was aisle and here we are.  My visual learners do much better when they watch a youtube demonstration, backed by mama repeatedly saying "Chisel is patient, chisel is slow, chisel goes bit by bit" along with "Watch how mama (YES I TALK IN THIRD PERSON TO MY KIDS, I'm telling ya, something about it makes them grasp my words better than "Look at me") does it.  See how the knife is pushed away from my fingers?".  We watched a youtube video about a man demoing a bird soap carving, therefore we made bird figured soap carvings.  The extra shavings will be made into body wash, the birds will be given as Christmas presents or used at home as our 'guest soap', and we all learned a new life skill. 

Next up, we made the cutest birthday cards for my baby nephews birthday.  Not only did we excel in a hands on craft, we were able to check off some extensive handwriting/phonics school work by repeatedly writing our names, my nephews name, and "Happy birthday".  Little Ernest is on a roll with his handwriting and is excited to use a dry erase board to practice on.  No pictures posted since the party is this Saturday.  We used three different types of stickers, some construction paper, and plenty of love.

Finally, I finished the day with our corn craft, thank you Pinterest!   Pick some neutral-earthy-corn-colored paints, cut out a blank corn canvas, cut some q-tips in half, tell them to have at it.  Wall-la!  Instant adorable autumn paint craft and now I have some lovely new decorations! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

November will be Gluten Free

I am not one to come up with catchy blogpost names.  So yes, gluten free November.

Here is the update on my thyroid showdown:

I have been putting EndoFlex on my neck every day, sometimes twice a day. Endoflex is a natural essential oil, you squeeze the ingredients enough and this oil substance appears then you bottle it up.  It said to help support the endocrine system

The endocrine system, in short, makes a series of hormones that keeps your innards balanced and working together, like a team! a community!  Gooooooooooooo Endocrine!  Hoo-rah!  However, if Mr. Thyroid decides he doesn't want to do his part, the other members of Team Endocrine have to step it up a notch thus wrecking ball havoc on your body.  You can't take out the rotors on a car and think you're going to be driving to the city.  Same thing with the endocrine.  Also, while it's nice and all to take a supplement to help out Mr. Thyroid, I can't help but think it'd be wiser to sit him down by a relaxing fireplace with a cup and tea and go over his reasons for hiatus.  Why are you on strike?  Do you not realize how important you are?  My hair is jumping ship because they miss you.  My metabolism sits and cries when you are gone.  I'm cold and lonely, come back Mr. Thyroid, we miss you.


I read on some blog somewhere that some chick cut out gluten and is all happy happy happy now.  I figure, why not?  Apparently gluten isn't every one's best friend and some, maybe me?, really don't digest it the way they should therefore it wages war on the inside and people don't even realize it.  On one hand, I'm not allergic to anything.  On the other hand, maybe I am and just don't realize it. 

One month, I can do that.  Anyone can do anything, for a short amount of time.  I can give birth, for one day (Lord willing, about an hour).  Every day?  Calm down, I said ONE day.  Ethan can do his two pages of math, four? No, two.  Big things in short time spans don't overload peoples heads.  Break it down and it just seems like it can be conquered.  That said, one month?  Sure, I'll give a dog a bone and do it for one month.

Gluten free plus endoflex plus good ol' Synthroid (which the reviews are looking  a bit fifty fifty on whether it works well or not but it appears to be the go-to drug of choice as far as hypothyroidism goes) should- in theory- make my body jump for joy.

Day one.  Cereal for the kids, eggs for me.  I see many in my future since they are quick, nutritious, cheap, and easy.