Thursday, January 6, 2011

My doorstep is a safe landing

To the pregnant reader who doesn't want to be pregnant,

I'm sorry you don't want your child.  To you, there are plenty of good reasons.  Worthy reasons. 

Are you fourteen or fifteen years old?  Did your mom say to 'get rid of it'?  Does your boyfriend beat you? Are you unable to care for your child?  Did you have plans?  For college?  To finish high school?  Are you too old, say 38?  Are you done having kids?  Are you afraid?  Mad?  Discouraged?

I heard you wanted to get rid of itIt.  To get rid of, as in, an abortion.  That nasty a word that nobody wants to talk about.  The easiest thing to do, right?  Run down to the cities on a Saturday afternoon, in and out, have your friend drop you off and walk around Mall of America while you get it done, then the two of you can drive home and act as if nothing happened.  Nobody has to know.  You and your friend were at the MOA all day, right?  Besides, if nobody knows, then nothing happened.  Right?

Hear my heart when I say this: don't.  Don't do it.  Just don't.

I'll tell you what, here's what you can do: have that baby.  Follow through with it and don't hurt yourself or that baby.  To me, 'baby' is any stage of the pregnancy.  Any. 

Then bring that sweet little child right on over.  That baby would be welcomed in this family at any age or time.  Just knock and run if you have to.  Leave a note, don't leave a note I don't really care.  If this is what it takes for you to not go throught with what you thought was best, then so be it.    Bring that child here and let me take care of the rest.

In this household, there are no "opps" children.  They don't exisit.  Children are welcomed and loved on, no matter what the situation, what the background, what the circumstance.  There are no "mistakes", and nothing is "unplanned". 

Quick facts about the abortions performed in Minnesota in 2009
12,388 abortions were performed — an average of more than 33 every single day.
32% of the abortions were paid for with taxpayer funds.
32% of the abortions were performed by Planned Parenthood — more than any other provider.
19% of the abortions used the dangerous and sometimes lethal RU486 abortion drug.
4% of the abortions were performed on women under age 18.
44% of the abortions were performed on women ages 18 to 24.

Abortion as birth control:
40% of the women reported that they had at least one previous abortion.
949 of the women reported that they had three or more previous abortions.
21 of the women reported that they had nine or more previous abortions.

Abortion complications:
9 complications were reported by women at the time of the abortion, including cervical laceration and hemorrhage.
79 complications have been reported by women after leaving the abortion provider, including hemorrhage, infection requiring hospitalization and incomplete abortion.

Reasons given for abortions:
31% of the women reported
“Economic reasons.”
64% of the women reported
“Does not want children at this time.”
Less than 1% of the women reported that the pregnancy was a result of rape or incest.

All of these statistic are from Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life.

Don't be a statistic.  You don't need to.  There really are options.  And there are still people in the world who would love to help you and that sweet little baby.

In Deuteronomy 5:29, God says, “Oh that there was such a heart within them, that they would fear Me and keep all my commandments always,
that it might be well with them and with their children forever!”

And in the end, I'll leave the light on for you.


  1. I know you may delete this post - and it would jeopardize our friendship if you knew who this was... but I'd like to say I am proud to have made the choice to have had an abortion. Planned Parenthood was an amazing, nurturing and safe health care provider, and I was appreciative and impressed with my treatment from start to finish. For me, it was never a difficult decision to make, and it is not one I regret or even think about - except for when it comes to standing up for the rights of women in this country to make a decision that is best for their bodies. I would gladly be the national face of abortion; sharing my positive experience and working tirelessly to de-stigma-tize abortion if I didn't fear for mine and my family's lives and safety. I respect that other people feel philosophically different on this issue, but for those who feel differently - fight for it being RARE, but safe and legal. Rare. Safe. Legal.

  2. Looking at those statistics it obviously isn't rare or safe....

    Great job Crystal - AND you are not a heartbeat (excuse the pun) I too would take any child and know of many others who would love that baby! I do not think that taxpayers should be paying for any abortion and am APALLED at the reasons given for abortions. Maybe people should think about things BEFORE it happens.

    Thanks for the awesome post - if you get overwhelmed with babies - send them my way!!!

  3. To anonymous.... There is nothing in this world that is ours it is all God's. It was your SIN to have sex when you did not want a baby. It was your SIN to have the abortion. If you are a beliver in Christ your in for a long eternity. What you did with God's body is sick and what you did to God's child is EVIL. You need to get right with God.

    1. This is disgusting. "Thou shall not judge" I beleive that is in the bible as well. Perhaps you should get right with God and practice what you preach before you go on to chastis someone for a decision THEY made that was best for HER which you know nothing about.

  4. To Anonymous,

    I know several women who have had abortions who do not regret their decision but it haunts them. That is actually the case with most women who have them. You are proud. You don't even think about it. I find that disturbing, though thankfully you are in the minority. Not that I think a woman who has an abortion should be hurt and guilty the rest of her life, we are all human with our own struggles and decisions, and God wants us to heal. But a sadness, a haunting, it indicates a heart. No woman with any significant maternal instinct could be "proud" of a decision like that. How is anyone supposed to believe you're a good mother if you're willing to kill one of your children because they were inconvenient? Isn't it nice that you have a "family" now. Maybe you should think about the "family" your child could have had.

    I think the worst thing about your post was your expression of a desire to destigmatize abortion. I honestly cannot give a logical reason why abortions should not be legal, you won't see me holding up pro-life signs at a political rally. It technically is your body, and this is a free country. But there is no justification WHATSOEVER for downplaying what it means. You are killing a child. You want to do it, fine. But expecting people to coddle you and tell you that what you're doing is ok, that you're not killing a child, is ridiculous. Take some personal responsibility. Make your decision and don't downplay, it's the least you can do for that child. Like you deserve all this sympathy and compassion as this child dies. Please. If you're adult enough to have sex and have an abortion, you're adult enough to acknowledge the severity of what you're doing. End of story.

    1. With all due respect "Take some personal responsibility" same could be said for your reply. What if this child wasn't her decision?? And I don't mean it was an "oops" child. What if she was raped?? What if perhaps the pregnancy itself was a threat to her own life?? We don't know her reason for the abortion, and quite frankly she owes none of us any explanation, but perhaps it wasn' just because it was an inconvenience. A true christian wouldn't be judging another for a decision they make. Plain and simple. And it's part of what's so wrong with religion in the first place: Hypocrits.