Saturday, January 8, 2011

A bit of Christmas year round

I don't know where to start so I'm just going to lay it out there-
Christmas isn't a huge deal in this family. *gasp*

Here me out on this because I think it's pretty outside of the box.  To me and our family, Christmas is Jesus' birthday.  We bake a cake and sing happy birthday to Jesus.  We have a nice meal (aka: not peanut butter and jelly but more along something that must be baked and have some time and effore put into).  We do exchange presents in our family.  We even put up a tree, although it's a small one.  But to me, Christmas is year round.  We talk about the birth of Christ in June, on Valentine's day, and whenever else one of our many children's Bibles opens up to the Christmas page.

Our children are taught that Santa is a fun person that someone made up so it's "a fun story to talk about".  But usually it's followed with "Isn't that silly though?  Christmas is about Jesus being born!"  We do watch the Rudolph movie with the abomidable snowman, and the Grinch is a funny looking guy.  But Charlie Brown Christmas is our favorite where we pause the movie after Linus recites the book of Luke and explains "That's what Christmas is about Charlie Brown."

We enjoy taking the time to be with our family, since everyone has off that day and we have only so much time left with the grandparents.  Next year, Kendall wants to stay home on Christmas to have a "stay in your pajama's all day" kind of day.  His dad's side will be celebrating in January and his mom's side celebrates on a different weekend anyway.  This was the last year his grandma would be hosting Chrstimas so it's up to an aunt or uncle to host instead, but we don't plan on attending since they do it on Christmas day.

Merry Christmas!!!
Little sister's hat is covering her eyes.  Poor thing can't catch a break.

Not that much better but quick the littlest-big brother is about to take off his hat.

The best of four pictures. Merry Christmas!

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