Monday, January 17, 2011

The Griswold's take over Mall of America

Kendall worked two weeks in a row with no days off, so a 'vacation' of some sort was in order.  We like to do as much as possible as a family, whether it's going to church or Walmart to cleaning out the minivan.  Our lack of "family time" had taken it's toll and we were anxious for an adventure.

First stop- the airport!  We visited the Minneapolis Airport because it's only two exits away from MOA (Mall of America).  I remember my family pulling over to watch airplanes take off and land when visiting family in Dallas.  Now the tradition continues!  Plus, it was a nice pit stop for nursing Eleanor.  Here she is sporting her "Little Sister" onesie and her bonnet. 

Happy 3 Month Birthday to Eleanor in this picture as well!  THREE MONTHS OLD! 
She'll be asking for the keys to the car before I know it...

Nick studios has some cool games and rides but Ethan was completley unattracted to them.  He didn't even care there was a Spongebob and Patrick walking around in costume.  They did have a game where you could be the captain of a little boat and try to launch water on targets and ram other boats, but he was content moving the wheel around then walking away.

Legoland had a helicopter made out of Legos above us, which is what all three of my guys are looking at.  Boys just can't help but be enthralled by machine-stuff.

Nursing Eleanor.  There are NOT enough benches in that mall and the few they have are in the middle of the aisles where people can run a woman over!  No thanks!  This is off to the side where the guys could look out at the rides and I could nurse in peace.  Look at those little purple feet sticking out!

Kendall is holding Ernest and trying to inquire about a sleep number bed.  Ethan is laying down on the bed next to him.  This picture cracks me up!  We have kids everywhere!  Plus it's not too often you see a grown man holding a toddler with his other kid in tow and the sneaky mom nowhere to be found because she's giggling at the scene and taking pictures.

Dear Kendall, did you ever think the day would come that you'd be holding the hands of your two sons, each holding a balloon, and walking in the Mall of America?   This picture speaks volumes about Kendall's parenting.  He loves those boys.

Watch out world, here we come!  I wore Eleanor in my Sleepy Wrap, Ernest had the stroller, Ethan walked, we had one huge bag that we squeezed everything we could possibly need into, a blanket, and two tired parents.

I couldn't help but capture Ernest's melt down on camera.  The mall wear's me out too little buddy.

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