Monday, January 31, 2011

Eleanor finally get's a new toy

These bad boys can cost anywhere from $26-$40 each, easily!  I balked at the idea of paying that much for a baby toy.  That's, like, for the new mom's to spend money on.  Walmart carries them for $30 but I question the quality, and for $30 it better come with a butler to do my dishes.  Once Upon A Child didn't even have one.  Bummer.  However one day I tagged along with a friend who has a Sam's Club membership and lo and behold- I found this awesome Baby Einstein's gym for $19.99!  Sweet!  I used my Christmas money and it came home with me that day.  The funny thing is, even Ernest will sit under it and look at all the bells and whistles it came with.  After looking at these pictures I'm noticing that the musical star isn't even attatched to it.  It was a great deal, thanks Sam's club and thank's Kim for having a Sam's Club membership.

Playing with her new toy.  
This picture speaks volumes of what I have in my home- books and toys, oh- and children.  The only thing missing from this picture is a gun of some sort.

Who is this intruder?  Can't a girl just have some down time with her puppy?

Behold, the Big Brother in his baseball pajamas.  He want's to see the puppy too!

While rolling ontop of her and kicking her face.  Not cool man.  Not cool. 
At least it was more like a "Here, smell my feet" kind of kick and not a soccer kick. 

Kid's gotta learn.

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