Monday, January 24, 2011

Late night learning

Tonight, all of the kids were in bed at 6:50.  This is not at all uncommon as we are acustomed to an "early to bed early to rise" mindset.  However, tonight Ethan came into the living room claiming hunger, thirst, and "mom, can I do school work?"  YES.  Never turn down an opportunity to "do school work".  I have noticed he has a preference towards math and numbers.  Writing, not so much.  He has a knack for numbers.  This is a giant flag waving Electrical Engineer, Physics Teacher, Nuclear Technician, etc.  Go child go!  Learn those numbers!

Our "school work" consists of a few workbooks, worksheets printed off the internet, and many MANY field trips.  The grocery store, bank, WalMart, park.  They are all field trips to me, a wealth of education waiting to be discovered. 

I'm not so much a late night person because I can hardly form a sentence past 8:30, but by golly if that kid has brainpower at 7 o'clock then have at it buddy.

Meenie, Miny, and Moe.  Lord have mercy.

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