Saturday, January 8, 2011

Band and jams

Did you know I play the violin?  I started in sixth grade and was first seat in seventh, eighth, and ninth grade.  Then I transferred to a magnet school that did not offer orchestra, band, football, etc.  Although I stopped playing in school, my family had a band.  When I was little I played the tambourine.  Oh yes.  My brother played the drums, dad played steel guitar and mom played electric bass.  We were "The Johnston Family Band".  The winters were our high season of demand and we'd play at all of the rv parks in the valley.  Later on in junior high/high school it was my parents, a rhythm guitar player and myself.  Our best paying gigs were New Years which was when bands are in the highest demand for parties.  After I left they became "Classic Country Band" and we'd play whenever I came home to visit.

Mom in the white shirt playing bass, dad playing steel with the white cowboy hat.  Looks like we're at a bar here.  I grew up at the VFW, American Legion, and country bars. 

A jam at someones house.  Mom on the left, dad in the lower right.
Mom and I playing at the Winter Texas Appreciation dance at the
Rio Grande Valley Livestock Showgrounds.  Dad played in another band that had a gig there every year during the livestock show, so we got to go every year.  Love it!
One more time.  We sing well together, good harmony.

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  1. That's so cool! We could use some violin lessons, do you teach? We have a student violin, but so far no one has played it.