Thursday, December 2, 2010

Whatever you hands find to do.

Kendall's unemployment stopped abruptly.  November 22 he was on the phone with the unemployment people asking if a mistake had been made.  There was no notification, no warning.  Our "pay day" came with no "pay".  He had mentioned to me in early November to not be worried but his unemployment would be ending "sometime in January".  Well, the calculations made we a little off.  So, November 22, Kendall went to The Work Solution dressed to the nines with resumes in hand.  I'm not to familiar with how temp agency's work.  I do know that they had to call all of his previous employers and do a background check to be sure he was legit.  It took several days but they finally called him back with answers. 

All of this took place the week of Thanksgiving. 
The. Monday. Before. Thanksgiving. Our. Income. Ceased. To. Exist.

My heart fell through the floor.  I don't feel convicted about it either.  I was devestated.  Ever since Kendall was laid off I handed our checkbook and bills over to him.  Out of sight out of mind works well in my little world.  I want to see buttercups and kitties when I wake up, not late payments.  That's all for the husband to deal with.  So now, with no income, what we had was what we had.  I didn't even want to know what we were sitting on.  We have food, our bills are paid up, we have diapers and toliet paper. (There have been moments when we have wittled down our list of needs to list of "what can we not make it without".  Toliet paper and diapers always come out on top.)

So we are fine financially.  There is no Bahama cruise for Christmas or a new sports car any time soon, but things WILL be okay.  And actually, looking back, we've been through worse.  Can you believe it?

In May, I left to pay the electric bill, and our power was shut off while driving to the utilities office.  Not. Kidding.  So, not only did they want us to pay our bill, but the total amount of the bill, a late payment, and a 'turn back on your power for a ridiculous amount of money' fee.  I started to cry right there infront of that lady behind the plexi glass window at the electric company.  You want me to give you HOW much to turn back on my electric?  It was also the day I had doctor's appointment for Eleanor.  So we packed up the kids, went to my appointment, walked around Cabela's to kill time, made phone calls and faxed information, spent the night with no power ("Tonight we get to keep all of the lights shut off and camp in our beds!  It'll be fun!"), 9:00am the next morning everything went through and we were back on again. 
And an fyi: we were not months behind or anything ridiculous, I was just waiting to pay them on our payday!  We are not fond of the electric company in this area, they also charge .13 p/kwh.  THEY are outta line.

Back to Kendall....

Monday and Tuesday, he worked from 4pm-2am at a local distillery.  Who knew this podunk town had a distillery?!?  Wed and tonight he is working at the local newspaper plant folding newspapers on some sort of machine from 3-11.  We are hoping he goes back to the distillery because it was longer hours and better pay.  He plans on working Saturday as well however I haven't gone there yet about Sunday.

Exodus 35:2 ESV
Six days work shall be done, but on the seventh day you shall have a Sabbath of solemn rest, holy to the Lord.

I'm just sayin....

The kids are adjusting.  Ernest is taking it the hardest.  Think about it- all the kid has ever known is Kendall being home because he was already laidoff with Ernest was born.  However, Kendall was usually up at night and asleep during the day, so it's not too new to Ernest to not have dad around.  Ethan is a bit confused about dad being at work.  "Is dad at the garage for a sale?  Can I go to storage with dad?  Where's dad?" It breaks my heart.  He thinks dad is having a garage sale because that was how we 'worked' this summer.  He is confused about storage because I tried to explain to him dad was organizing the storage area at the distillery and being a helper.  Dad going to work is foreign.  Dad is supposed to be selling stuff on the computer (ebay), not leaving to work.  I've baked two batches of cookies this week and completely reorganized half of our house.  I'm keeping the kids busy and clinging to the silver lining.

Seriously, can I just be honest?  It is hard.  I feel bad for Kendall.  He is such a worker bee.  Can you imagine being thirty years old with a wife, three little kids at home, and starting a the bottom of the barrel again?  He's making $10 less/hr than when he was laid off.  PLUS, he was working two jobs at the time.
 He is bringing in a lesser amount of income working than when he was on unemployment.  Technically, we just took a cut in pay.  My husband is hurt and I am feeling the pain.
Back in August some friends of mine mentioned they were going to start a Bible study that talked about finances.  They were using Crown Financial.  I prayyyyyyyyyed about it and asked Kendall to attend because he's smarter about money and stocks and all that stuff than I am.  I don't do stocks.  Plus, I wanted him to see for himself what the Bible teaches about wise spending habits.  And wouldn't ya know it, Kendall attended that Bible study and brought home a wealth of new knowledge to implement into our families budget.  Amen and amen.  I also believe it gave him hope.  He finally, finally, finally did our taxes and we were able to pay off our minivan and purchase some much needed items for our homw. Like, pants.  We were able to pay up on some bills and drastically cut our bills.  Wow, thanks God.  A new peace fell into our home.  The day we did our taxes was also the day Eleanor was born.  I've noticed that God always waits until the last possible minute to unleash his miracles.  However, if a miracle occured any sooner, would it still be considered a miracle?  Deep thoughts.
This is what has happened in the last few days.  Has God provided?  Of course.  Two unexpected Visa gift cards came into our home a few months ago and we held onto them for safe keeping.  They have been used for gas in the minivan.  Our pantry is full.  We stocked up on diapers a few weeks ago.  We even have our beloved toliet paper.  Kendall's sister gave us her kid's old snowpants and coat for Ethan.  A friend stopped by with snowpants and snowboots just today.  Our children are fed and clothed.  Our home is warm.  Ethan is excited about Christmas and Ernest loves being a big brother to Eleanor.  My husband loves me and I really enjoy loving him.  This too shall pass has always been a saying to get me through hard times.  Just last night I turned to Kendall and told him how at our 50th wedding anniversary we'll look back and say 'remember when?' about this chapter in our lives.
Although it hasn't be ideal, it's been okay.  God has handed these trials to us and I'd gladly take them instead of a lack of faith or failing health. 
 (God, keep us healthy and help me keep my faith.  Don't take that sentence as a reason to give us a disease or anything funky.  I want to be sure we're on the same page, mmkay?)
Matthew 6:31-32

31Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
32(For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

Philippians 4:19
But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

and my favorite:

Luke 12:7

But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.

Taken October 10 and, in my defense, I gave birth five days later.


  1. I'm glad Kendall is working, but I hope he gets a better job soon!
    You know, I always have cloth diapers you can use to save tons of money.

  2. If we use cloth diapers then it'll cost us more to do the laundry. I have a ton of trifolds but it's starts to add up at the mat.