Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fun times at WalMart :-)

Reindeer headband on Ernest.  Whata face.

Super Ethan with his Reindeer headband.  The Christmas aisle is fun!

Even daddy gets to play in the toy area.  Who says guitar video games are just for kids?
I love catching him when he's being a silly guy.

And for my Texas family.  This is what it takes to get out the door.  Ernest is actually in 18-24 clothes but his winter coat is Ethan's old 3t coat.  A jumbo coat, mittens, hat, and layers later- we can go! 
Opps, now he has a poopy diaper.  Ok, 20 minute later we can leave...


  1. This is a cute picture. You could also use that snow suit one piece thing I gave you.

  2. hey girl! Cute pics! I have a 2T winter coat you can have. And probably snow pants, too.