Thursday, November 25, 2010

Full of thanks all day every day

 Clean clothes- clean clothes = the money was available to make the clothes clean. And we have clothes to wear and when they are dirty, get this, there are more clothes to wear!  Wow, only in America.  Amen.

Chairs and a table- have you ever had to eat on the floor?  More importantly, my kids and I are all sitting at the table to eat with no distractions.  When this happens, they eat more food and always walk away happy.  Sitting as a family at the table is something I treasure.

LIGHT- had your electric cut off?  How about lived in an area with rolling blackouts?  LIGHT is HEAT too if you have electric heat.  And in Minnesota, heat is an absolute es-sent-ial. 

 CLEAN RUNNING WATER- I was a part of a missionary team in Africa and there was no clean (ie: drinkable) running water.  We hauled water up from a well, put the bucket in a wheel barrow (WITH A FLAT TIRE of course), hauled the water up to where we were staying and used it in the bathtub.  There was one bathtub so all the girls would go in and sponge off and try to get clean.  My hair was long at the time so I kept it rolled in a tight bun and wore a handkerchief most of the time for cleanliness.  The only water we drank came in a bottle.  To this day I still say "Thank you Lord" every single time I get into my shower.

Church- my church is amazing.  We show up, the Holy Spirit rocks and rolls, go home relieved and refreshed ever week, repeat. Love it.  My husband once looked over me on our way home and said "He just doesn't preach a bad sermon does he?"  The music is contemporary with a few hymns thrown in evvvvvery once in a while but by golly they are talented.  And wonderful prayer, emphasis are always made on praying.  I am a firm believer in the power of praying so this one is a key note to me.

 Godly friends- all I gotta say is "Birds of a feather flock together" so I better get my ducks in a row and figure out who I want to parrot.  HA!  My old Sunday school teacher once stated "If you lay down with dogs your gonna get up with fleas."  Watch out who you hang out with!  Gossip, slander, foulness, jealousy, all of it!  Women can dance with the devil and not even realize it till you are waltzing down a road not knowing how you eve left the path.

Wonderful family, good health (nothing more than a tylenol can't handle), and having Jesus Christ as my very own personal Savior.  Seriously, need I say more?

Give thanks every single day.

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