Thursday, December 16, 2010

Around around she goes!

Ever since the week of Thanksgiving I have been slammed with business.  There have been appointments, social events and general stuff to be done.  Plus the weather outside has been more on the "no way am I taking all of the kids out in this weather!" weather.  Generally, I wait until Kendall is awake and can actually see Ernest trying to put something in a wall outlet before I leave for the grocery store with Ethan.  Ernest usually has a snotty nose and the baby is snuggled asleep, and we all know not to awaken a sleeping baby :).
This was the very first outfit I purchased for Ethan.  Now all three of them have worn it! 
And, seriously, could you awaken such a sweetie?

Back when I had only one kiddo, I wouldn't mind going out into the negatives.  Big deal, no problem, bring it on.

But now I have to think of layers, two different sizes of diapers, and wind chill.

Eleanor had her 2 month check up today and she is in the 93rd percentile for height and weight.  Big and well proportioned.  Amen. 

Today Ernest had an appt and his height and weight puts him into the 40%.  When he was 8 months old he was at 0.7%.  That sounds like the verge of death if you as me.

Our homeschooling has been...steady?  Ethan works his little workbooks about 30 minutes a day, focusing mainly on reading/writing and math.  He's starting to recognize the difference between 6,8, and 9.  Those are tricky numbers now that I think about it.  Same as b,d,p,q.  Who came up with this English language anyway?  We play dominoes, bingo, cards, and board games as a fun way to learn.
Whose chair is this?  Surely not the babies!


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