Saturday, February 12, 2011

Never give up, Never surrender!

Guess WHAT!

 I won a giveaway at Life in a Shoe!  Kim has eight girls and TWO boys.  God bless her, can you imagine how much shampoo she goes through?

She hosted a soap giveaway and I won!  I try to enter giveaways to blogs as much as possible because it costs nothing but maybe four minutes of your time, plus I'm sure it feels good to see people entering your giveaways.  I have been reading her blog for at least three years, I know it's been since Ethan's was an infant. 

I feel like a million bucks.
It's totally the little things in life that matter. :)
Just keepin' it real.


  1. Ha ha! That's so great! I thought you were gonna say you won the drying racks at first. :)