Friday, February 18, 2011

Won't you be my neighbor?


I had an overwhelming response to my previous post.  Facebook, yahoo, comments, private messages, everything short of an ad in the newspaper.  People I didn't even know could give a whoop about me actually read my stuff?    And left comments?

So, in response to the response about my response (got it?), I'm going to go out on a limb with a request:

Would you pretty please click the "follow" button on the right side of the page?  It shows ten people and if my math is correct (and it very well could be since I had a cup of coffee in the last four hours) there are much more than ten faithful followers.

Yes you have to sign up and yada yada yada, but then that's the end and you never have to mess around with it ever again.  Well... as far as I know.  And I don't know much about the whole 'blogosphere'.  But it is with great confidence that it'd be the last time you'd have to deal with signing up for google stuff again.

I'm trying ok?  And I hear the baby crying.  And we've seen this Word Girl five times already.  And where's Ernests diaper?

I gotta go, click "follow"!!!!


  1. GREAT idea to respond to your responses!! Think I'll do this for our KnitWits blog, too!
    Thanks!!! jeanie

  2. Ok, now i am a follower, instead of a stalker :) i am the without a picture!