Sunday, February 20, 2011

Apple Valley Natural Soap- scents galore!

Remember when I won that soap giveaway a few days ago?  It was difficult choosing just three because the product description of each soap sounds amazingly appealing.  After reading a little I'd think "Ooooh I could use that!", "Wow that sounds refreshing!", and "They can make soap that does that?"

Fancy stuff here people.  This ain't your grandma's Irish Spring.

After giving it a well thought out decision, I went with the following (note: I just copied and pasted the products name and description right off the Premium Shampoo and Body Bars section of their website )

MAN Shampoo and Body Bar-
This bar is for men, so we’ll get straight to the point. One big grizzly bar. Dual purpose: body and hair. Lots of lather. Invigorating scent. Strong ingredients that deodorize. No specks of stuff in it. Just pure and natural MAN bar. Get the job done.

Herbal Emu Shampoo and Body Bar-
 Formulated for extremely dry hair types, our Herbal Emu bar is full of ingredients that will infuse hair and skin with moisture. This bar is generously enriched with 20% shea nut butter, nourishing wheat germ oil, silky sweet almond oil, hair and skin-loving jojoba oil and finally, our key ingredient: thick and luxurious emu oil, well known for its multitudinous benefits for hair and skin. We’ve also added hydrolyzed wheat protein for strengthening the hair follicle and shaft as well as a delightful, herbal, minty essential oil blend of white thyme, clary sage, spearmint and rosemary…all known for their ability to treat gray hair symptoms. Whether you have graying hair or simply need a super moisturizing treatment for dry, damaged hair and skin, this bar might be for you!
Bella Rose Shampoo and Body Bar-
 This delicate, floral scented bar celebrates femininity with flair! Moisturizing mango butter and rich olive, wheat germ, avocado and jojoba oils pack this bar with emollient, conditioning power, while pink kaolin clay and rose hips cleanse toxins from the skin and scalp leaving you with a clean, healthy head of beautiful, easy to manage hair and a silky body softly scented with lovely rose, jasmine and sandalwood essential oils. One customer’s husband said this scent was the perfect aphrodisiac!

Ohhhhhhh Betsy, it's like Christmas over here...  I waited one day after placing my order and bam my soap arrived via USPS mail.  Fast product delivery = happy me!  The box alone had amazing scents rising from it.  I instantly picked up on the minty-ness from within.  In fact, my desk still has a mint aroma around it.  That must have been some good mint...

The package was wrapped every-so-daintily in a clear gift bag and tied with three different colored twine. (If I only had a working cotton-pickin' camera. grrrr).   I immediately unwrapped it and gave my husband his "Man Soap".  I said "Smell this!  Oh my gosh this smells like how a man is supposed to smell!"  

Note: I like men to smell like men.  Think-
 knight-in-shining-armor x Tom-Cruise-in-his-Top-Gun-days + a-dash-of-The-Brawny-Man = man smell.




The way men should smell.

Got it?

Anywho- the first thing Kendall says is "It smells like Old Spice." then he promptly puts it into the shower.  He is currently on an Old Spice kick, utilizing not only their after shave but the deodorant and body gel as well.  Whoa, this guy likes his Old Spice.

Next is my Emu soap- hello minty mama!  This is the bad boy I could smell from the mailbox.  What sold me on this one was the claim: "Whether you have graying hair or simply need a super moisturizing treatment for dry, damaged hair and skin, this bar might be for you!"
Running an electric heater all day every day isn't only hard on your sinuses, it's hard on your skin and hair as well.  Moisturizer is my best friend.  I also tend to have skin on the drier side (read: Sahara Desert skin).  Plus all the natural extracts and oils sounded pretty nifty too. 

I try really hard to consume things in their most natural state.  The only boxed meal in this house is macaroni and cheese and even then it's one of those meals used in a  'break seal in the case of emergency need of consumption' type of moments.  You know,  like when it's 1:30, all three children have low blood sugar, I need a nap, and for cryin' out loud who pooped? kind of moments.  Being able read every single ingredient in this soap was a major bonus in having good confidence there wasn't anything in it that gave a mouse three heads in some lab factory. 

The last soap is my Rose soap that simply smells like a sweet bouquet of roses.  Fresh, spring, floral, subtle, feminine.  These are all words to describe this bar.  I believe it is going to be my Saturday Only soap and not to be used daily, only when I know I'll be around Kendall.  I like smelling a girl around him instead of Dawn dish soap with a touch of Clorox.  The poor guy sometimes needs to be reminded that I am in-fact a girl and not the cleaning lady so smelling like one couldn't hurt.

And about actually using the soap-
I have been using the Emu soap as a moisturizer on my face and elbows.  My poor elbows are so dry that my sweaters stick to them, ew!  I lather the soap between my hands and then rub the minty bubbles on the driest spots.  This far into winter, everything is dried out from being indoors and around drying heaters.  It's like taking a bath in lotion, it feels so good!  Everything about this soap screams- rich moisturizer!

  The best.

Move over Irish Spring, soft and smooth skin here I come!

For more information on these soaps, the website for this small family owned company is linked here:

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