Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To everything there is a season

And this season I have chosen to not do it. Go me!

Three years ago I was in so many different events such as MOPS, numerous leadership positions, nursery at church, Mary Kay, mom meet ups, and said "Yes, I'd love to help!" to anything thrown my direction.

This time around, I take note of the event and quietly pray over it.  What's the time commitment?  Duration?  Who will be there?  Is this a fun mommy moment kind of get together, or will I walk away feeling refreshed in the Lord? 

Side note: A fellow blogger posts about how evangelism starts in the family first.  Yes, it's so true.  I have to be available to my family first and foremost.

There is a Bible study by Kay Arthur going on at our church right now that I had thought I'd attend, but a paying gig watching some little ones has come up that I've decided to take.  It's twice a month for 2 hours and my kids can come.  I'm thinking of having Ethan stay with me as a "helper" so there's one less 4 year old in their room (it was busy!). 

I've also decided to commit to a local MOPS group that meets 2 times a month for TWO AND A HALF HOURS.  Amen and amen.  There was a speaker today that spoke on birth order (her husband, Dave Brown is running for senate) and we embarked on an easy peasy craft of decorating candles for fall.  All of this plus a delicious breakfast two times a month?  I'll be there in bells and whistles!

Wednesday night's Ethan attends Cubbies through AWANA at church, then while he's in class I attend a Bible Study called The Bait of Satan.  It is is about overcoming bitterness and forgiving people who have offended you.  So who can't relate, right?  He talks really fast in the videos, which are only thirty minutes, so I usually drink a cup of coffee before attending so my brain will reenergize enough to understand the man (it's an evening Bible study) but it's really good.

PLUS, if I'm gone all the time, everything sits.  The dishes, the vacumming, the spiders I continue to allow live in the corners of our home because I have faith they'll keep the weirdo bug population null but I'm disappointed in their work effort.  It's one thing to come home to 'stuff to do', it's another to come home to an explosion. 

"A wise woman builds her home, but the foolish woman tears it down with her own hands." Proverbs 14:1

Ya can't build up your house if you aren't there!

Stay out of the dog food!!!

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  1. I hear you - actually, I have backed out of all my committments - except to my family and my girlfriends because I need both of them - LOL I would love to hear about the Wednesday night Bible study - sounds awesome, as well as the speaker on birth orders....Come chat sometime!