Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why the tie?

Christmas Eve service at First Baptist Church McAllen, Tx

Most people don't dress up for church anymore.  Blue jeans, not even your nicest or newest pair, and flip flops are the norm.  Roll out of bed and sneak in before the sermon and you're just as good.

Our family runs a bit differently. 

Sunday mornings we put on Christian music while preparing and eatting breakfast.  Breakfast has to be a good one, not just cheerios and milk.  Usually it's something I prepared the day before so all I have to do is stick it in the oven.  Ethan's Sunday school teacher suggested a protien rich breakfast to help make it through the morning, so we usually have something with eggs.  I try hard to have the boys take their bathes the night before to eliminate the need in the morning, but messy diapers and Good Nites that don't hold up to their claim sometimes sets us back. 

Ernest's Dedication, Mother's Day 2010

Then while getting dressed I put on last weeks sermon for us to listen to, this helps to transition everyone's mind to "church" and off of tanks and bubbles.  Clothes are set out the night before.  By golly if there's something to go wrong when we have 13 minutes to get there it's going to go wrong with the clothing/shoe department.  Everything down to socks, underwear, and making sure both of their Sunday morning shoes are found and ready are set up the night before.  This makes getting two little boys dressed much easier.  Every Sunday they are dressed in a collared shirt, nice slacks, matching socks (ok, I'm glad they are even wearing socks) and nice non-muddy shoes.  A tie is option with Ethan if it's a complete button up shirt, he can pick a tie.  Lately he's been wanting a belt "like dad's".

Ethan on the way home. What a nut. May 2010

 But why get dressed up?  Is it Biblical?  Are you a better Christian with a closer walk with Christ because you wear your nice shoes and not your Sketchers?  Am I am better wife and mother to my kids for wearing hose and heels?


We dress up for church because we feel like it is respectfull to at least try to clean up and look nice since we are going to the House of the Lord.  I mean, if we are going somewhere to specifically worship Christ and be filled up to make it another week, the least I can do is put on a clean shirt.  I also feel like it teaches our kids to respect church.  We do not run up and down the aisles, we do not scream and run around like a monkey.  This is church.  There is a time and place for being silly, church is not one of  them.  Once you are in your classroom and it's play time, then have at it.  But do not jump on chairs or cause a mess in the bathroom (that goes for anywhere, not just church thankyouverymuch). 

Then we come home, everyone changes into normal clothes, 'church' clothes are hung back up on hangers, heat up lunch because we're usually starving, and life goes on. 

And since we're on the topic and this is my blog- lemme tell you.  It does bug me when short skirts and revealing tops are worn, not just at church but Walmart too.  But especially at church.  Who are you trying to impress, a deacon?  I don't understand how some parents let thier kids go out in public much less a Sunday morning wearing their skimpiest outfits.  Yes, I'm glad you came.  Amen.  Jesus said come as you are.  Hooray.  I'm glad you feel called.  Next time, just wear the tshirt and jeans and not the Hannah Montana miniskirt you got for Christmas 08 with the Juicy shirt.  Just sayin', just sayin'.

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