Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our 9/11

What a wonderful day!  Not only was the weather absolutely gorgeous with no humidity, but nothing crazy/stressful/obnoxious happened.   Can I get an amen to THAT?!?!!!

I went to my monthly Ladies Night Out, which was a retreat this month in a lakeside cabin with just my closest and most lovely girlfriends.  I am so blessed with wonderful friends in all different types of groups.  Just love it.  We spent the night andI was the first one to bed (at 10:48) and the last one up (at 9:17).  I needed the rest!  Plus I was able to take a shower without any interruptions, door knocking, or questions such as "Where are the garbage bags?".  I even WASHED MY HAIR IN PEACE.  It was great.

This morning I was able to awake leisurely, get dressed, and have a nice *hot* cup of coffee and delicious eggbake WITH fresh from the oven cinnamon rolls.  My friends can cook.  Be jealous.

Then, came home to a family outting to watch our local fire team control the burning of an abandoned apartment complex.  We stood there for an hour watching that thing burn down.  It really was amazing watching it because you don't get to see a building burn to the ground and there was quite the crowd.  We left shortly after the walls caved in, which is the coolest part.

On our way home we saw a crowd at the fairgrounds, so we stopped in and there was a rabbit show going on!  So we got the stroller out of the back of the minivan and walked around looking at all the different types of rabbits and one lady gave us a tour on the different types of rabbits and their different personalities.  Very interesting and the kids both enjoyed it.

We visited the park because, by golly, Minnesota doesn't offer many more days of sunshine and warm weather so we eat it up as much as we can. 

Then we came home for a while and cleaned up the house and left to visit my friend Kim and eat her homemade lasagna for dinner.  Once again, my friends can cook.  Be jealous.  It was so good, she doesn't skimp on cheese.

The end of our day was downtown at the VFW to watch a 21 gun salute for our 9/11 ceremony.  They played Taps and sang the national anthem.  In trying to preserve as much of my four year old's innocence  as I can I declined to explain 9/11 to him other than "We shoot the guns 21 times to honor all of the soldiers who have passed away.  This is for the American soldiers, the good guys."  Good enough for him.

Thank you Lord for this day.  I appreciate You giving me a wonderful day to be with my friends and family.  These are the days, God, that get me through to the next one.  Help me Lord to always cherish them. Amen!

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