Sunday, September 12, 2010

We read the entire 2 Thessalonians!

Tonight we read out of the Bible!  Usually I'll read out of the Bible at breakfast because I'm the first one done.  Ernest is tied down and Ethan sometimes eats slow, so I know they aren't going anywhere.  We use a kid friendly Bible with scripture reference.  Ethan is always interested in the old testament, I think because of the wars and "good guy bad guy" scenarios such as David and Goliath and Pharoah and Moses.  I decided we'd spend some extra time in scripture so while the boys were playing with blocks I read 2 Timothy and after the baby went to bed Ethan painted some pictures and I got through the entire book of 2 Thessalonians.  I think this will be a great nightly ritual to have, hopefully Kendall will do it on the night's I'm not around.

Because who needs toys where there are diaper boxes everywhere?


  1. I just randomly tripped over your blog while surfing around Google. You are hilarious, I've enjoyed reading it, so I thought I would make myself known! Your boys are precious, and congratulations on your coming addition!

  2. You are right - my kids are forever playing in the diaper boxes!

    So fun to be able to schedule time to do bible...I try to read while the boys are doing homework and the girls are sleeping...doesn't always work though.