Monday, March 14, 2011

Three in diapers

When Ethan was a toddler I was the mom who would look at the mom's with three or *gasp* four children and say "I could never do that." "How do you handle all three of them at the grocery store?" "How do you have room for them?" "I would have to have at least four years between kids if I ever even think about having another child."

All the while God is rolling on the floor laughing His butt off at this chick who thinks she's in charge.  Clearly, homeboy upstairs has a different plan.

At night, we have three in diapers.  Good-nites if you want a more technical term.  But three.  Three.

That chick who was uncertain on having even two children total has three in underwear that go in the garbage the next day. 

I cannot believe it.

A four year old who will be five in May
A twenty month old who will be two in June.
And an almost five month old who will be one in October.

There's a miscarriage in there as well, so we'd have a four, two, one, and a newborn.

This is why my kids go to bed so early.  This is also the reason I have cut out all evening commitments during this season in my life.  I'm an early bird who's brain ceases to work past eight at night.  That said, my children are in bed by seven.  Yeah, you heard me, seven.  Sometimes earlier and maybe Ethan can stay up later.  Maybe.  I'm tired.  I give give give all day long, and I'm tired.  I'm not complaining, but I do want to relay the message that it does take a toll on a woman's brain capacity.

Sorry if you didn't get a birthday card or if the Christmas cards I sent out were from 2009 and Ethan's a toddler in the picture.  Whatever.  Be glad you get what you get.  I'm going to bed.

*Note: while typing this, Ethan stuck his head out of of the bedroom door and said "Mom, just to let you know, I'm taking care of Eleanor."  He's probably saying shshshshsh to her and bouncing her in her bouncy chair.  God bless that boy.
Ernest and I January 2010, my Texas homestead


  1. Love it!!!! and I understand, 3 little girls all under 4 yap, 7pm they all are send to bed!!!

  2. Cute post! I am so with you on this. The littles are in bed by 8 pm and then I am in bed by 9:30 when preggy!

    I had four in diapers at one time. Bedwetting seems to run on someones side of the family somewhere around here!

    I was younger then and still went to bed at 9:30 pm! GASP! LOL! I am not a night owl though.