Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Enough animal crackers to feed an army.

We have an absurdly large canister of animal crackers in the back of the minivan.  To say it is a life saver, is an understatment.

There is no top left on the bad boy due to being used so much.

This absurdly large canister of animal crackers comes in most handy when we are at Walmart way too long, everyone is having a blood sugar crash, and we're still twenty minutes from home not to mention I will still need to put the frozen chicken in the freezer, where's the milk? and ohdearLord could the macaroni and cheese boil any slower. 
Just eat some animal crackers and to hold you over.

With that explaination said, onward!

The following are pictures of Ethan in the 'way back' of the minivan.  Ernest and Eleanor get the captains seats.  The bench in the back is free game for Ethan and all of his 'can I bring this into the minivan' modgpodge of stuff found back there.

Hey Ethan!  What?  What!  WHAT!?!

Mom, I'm hungry, and tired.  The animal crackers aren't cutting it. 
 Are there any more juice boxes?

We're getting pizza?  Woo hoo, I'm in a much better mood!

Goof to the left.

Goof to the right.

Oh sweet deary, I love this child.

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