Monday, March 7, 2011

Pictures from Disney on Ice

Waiting for the show to start.  This is at 6:30 at night, we were having the boys lay low and not walk around or exert too much energy so they could make it through the show.

Clap Ernest!  He was an active participant.

This smile says it all.  He had such a wonderful time.

Nothing hotter than a man holding two babies.  Ooh lala!

Ok, this man's getting annoyed that his wife keeps taking pictures of him holding two babies. 
But I love it!

Enjoying the show.  I'm so glad I ented this contest EIGHT times to win these tickets. 
Worth every second.

Eleanor slept for about an house in my Sleep Wrap, then woke up about half way through the show.  She did exceptionally well and didn't get cranky until the grand final.

We made it!  9:00 at night and everyone's tired but so happy.  This is a picture of our whole family (infact, I think it's the first picture of all five of us including Eleanor!) with the ice rink and stage behind us.

Shout out to SassyFrazz for hosting the give away. 

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  1. Don't forget about our photo shoot just after she was born!