Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ernest in the winter

When Ethan was a baby, I took him to Walmart in a diaper and a blanket.  I was a little embarassed that I had him dressed so inappropriately, so I put a hat on him.  True story folks.
Now, it takes me forty minutes to get the kids fed and out the door if: nobody takes a bath or shower,  I eat standing up, and Eleanor isn't hungry. Sigh. 

This is a picture of Ernest at Sam's Club.

You are one cute kid in that little hat of yours.
He is also wearing: a onesie, a long sleeved shirt, thick socks, winter coat on the side, and a one piece fleece outfit. 

And by golly, Sam's Club shopping carts ROCK!  Two kids in the front, come on

This is the set up for "going outside to play". 
The ensemble includes: onesie, thick socks, sweatshirt, pants, fleece hooded one piece outfit, coat, mittens, and the tail end of mom's sanity.

Plus a diaper change.

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