Monday, October 11, 2010

A trip to Sam's Club with Kim and the kids

Remember that friend I mentioned that has 6 kids under the age of five?  We went on a trip to Sam's Club last week, and made it out alive!

Everyone fell asleep.  It's about an hour drive down to the cities.

Karla 2, Hannah 3

Nicolas 1, Emily 3

Aryanna 4

And this kid, who lovesssssss the attention all those girls give him.

Of course we had to get a 97 cent ice cream cup!

Emily feeding Ernest.   Although to her it's pronounced "Oh-nestt"

Two carts for Kim

Enjoying the mondo sized carts

Another view.  Amazing stuff to me.

And on the way home.  Sam's Club, 8 kids, and ice cream would wear anyone out!

(Kim's oldest is 5 and he was in kindergarten that day)


  1. Wow! You are BRAVE!! How did you ever get 8 kids and two mamas in ONE vehicle?

  2. Wow - is right! I won't take four with me but eight, even with two mamas....There is a new one in St. Cloud that might be closer for you....