Friday, October 8, 2010

35 weeks and 1 day

Today we had our first co-op meeting.  It goes from 9-12 the 2nd Friday of the month.  To say Ethan had a good time is an underscore!  He was so excited and had a great time with his teacher letting me know he was well behaved.  Praise the Lord!  I am volunteering in the nursery since Ernest and the future Ms. Eleanor will be both be in there.  We start with circle time which is the Pledge of Allegiance, singing happy birthday, and announcements.  Then we break to our rooms and rotate every 45 minutes to a new class.  Ethan started in a classroom, has phy ed, then ends in the classroom again.  It is well structured and he was pretty tired by the end.  Several mom's rotated in and out of the nursery to help with the little ones, so there was someone new to talk to every so often, which is a great way to get to know the other mom's.  I started off tired so I sat a lot and played on the floor.  Easy peasy. 

Afterwards we went to a thrift store and got a great deal on a beautiful dress for the brother in law's wedding on Sunday.  Sad to say I'm waiting two days before the wedding to purchase a dress but I didn't want to get a dress and not go or have it not fit.  Plus it's something I can wear in the future, black and white floral halter top.  Pretty!  The boys did great too.

To end our journey we went to McDonald's which is a TREAT in our family.  I didn't know what to get and had to tell them to wait several times while I did calculations in my head.  Ethan ate a LOT and I ended up going back to order more!  He had most of Ernest's burger, another kids burger, a McDouble, most of the french fries (a medium) and we refilled our small drink several times.  A growing boy I tell ya!  Then Ernest only had a piece of his first burger since Ethan scarfed it down, so he had another one and some french fries.  I'm afraid of the teenage years, let me tell ya!  Ethan had great time playing in their playscape said "Mom, I'm done.  I want to go home." after about 45 minutes! 

Now we are working on cleaning the house and preparing for the baby!  It's definitly an ongoing process.

Fall has ARRIVED!

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