Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All in a question

While getting ready for #3's arrival we have been sorting and packing away Ernest's 12 month clothes, Ethan's 5t clothes and all of the summer shorts.  Sigh, it's true.  It's too chilly for shorts and sandles.  We now have to wear socks, real shoes, and at least a hoodie.

Some of Ernest's 18 month clothes are short sleeved and shorts, so I explained to Kendall I don't plan on putting him into these clothes at all, eventhough they'd fit.  So question is: "What do you want me to do with them?"

Several times I have exclaimed that I'm done having kids, I can't do it with two much less three, we can't afford three, we can't afford two in diapers, what are we going to do, blah blah blah.  But still, I feel deep inside, we are not done.  I cannot seem to garage sale or give away baby clothes.  I look forward to storing them and awaiting the arrival of the next little baby to wear the handed down clothes so perfectly folded with love, marking them now by gender instead of just by age. 

When I asked Kendall "What do you want me to do with Ernest's clothes?" I held my breath and hesistated.  What if he says to put them in the garage sale bin?  Craigslist?  Send them off to the thrift store!  MY BABY'S CLOTHES!!!! (ohhhh how a woman's mind can race)

Instead, he replies with "Put them in a bag and we'll put them in storage." 

Like, duh.

Ernest resting at the park.  "Just hold me and all is well."
Kendall, you know how to win me over.

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  1. Phew,I know what you mean! Your such a sweet Woman,Crystal ! Our Childrens things are little bits of memories...like the more bananas please t-shirt Jeshua always would want to wear & when we'd go to a park or zoo(He was the monkey!) with his little Curious George look alike face & the shirt just matched so well. I passed it on to a dear friend & I get a kick everytime I see it worn by her little sweet boy!I am decluttering & making everything much more simple around here.*Sigh,it's quite a project!!!Less mess means less chores,right?HOPEFULLY~Penner