Monday, October 25, 2010

New Eleanor

One word to describe her birth- quick.  My water broke at 4:45pm, about a half hour after Kendall had left to do some shopping at Menard's.  We'd spent the day in Elk River and walking around Walmart, so we came home to drop the boys and myself off, then he turned around and drove back to finish getting things on our 'before the baby comes' list.  I hesitated at first to call the store and have him paged, but have a few intense contractions, I decided it was best to get him home. 

"Hey, I wanted to let you know my water broke at 4:45."

"Your water broke?"

"Yeah, at 4:45, can you go ahead and come home?"


Ok, I guess he's coming home.

I had given Ernest a bath and when I bent over to get him out of his little tub I thought my bladder had lost a battle, but no, it was the begining of the end of pregnancy.  I made a few phone calls and my friends know what was going on as well as some family. 

Kendall came home and immediately started getting kids in pajama's and in the car.  He was NOT messing around.

We dropped the boys off at a friends house, ran down to the hospital, and while Kendall parked the car a security guard came with a wheel chair to take me to the third floor.  Super cool because Ernest crowned in the wheel chair last year. 

As we entered labor and delivery I told the nurse behind the desk, "Water broke at 4:45, contractions are about 4 minutes apart."  She nodded her head and directed us to the 'labor' part of labor and delivery.  I'm so glad they had a room ready because we didn't call ahead and let them know we were coming in.  As soon as I got there I spelled my name for her, let her know I wanted Dr Jensen, she took my blood pressure and temperature, then checked my dilation and I was at a 5.  Great!  I was a 3 two weeks ago.  I then asked "Am I done?  Can I get in the shower?"  Sweetness, I'm granted release from the prison of the wheelchair!  Kendall had made it upstairs by now and I didn't care who saw my butt I wanted in the shower with the hottest water on my back.  My nurses said I'd been in there about 30 minutes when they wanted to check me again, now I'm at a 7 and my friends have found my room.  I now know to have a designated photographer!  These are the most candid pictures of myself I've ever seen.
Between the contractions.  See?  It is possible to muster up a smile!  I think the idea of it almost being over gave me the patience to breath through every contraction.

During a contraction I'd try to swivel my hips around on the birthing ball in hopes that gravity and motion will help the baby on down.  Plus, my friend Lisa is digging into rubbing my back.  There's no such thing as 'too much pressure' on your lower back when in labor.

This one looks like a doozy.  My mind is in a completley other world of concentration and focus.  Mostly focus.  Also, my breathing reminded me of the song Hosanna so I was also singing while trying to breath and contract.  I'm a great multitasker.

She's out!!  Relief is an understatement.  It is such a good feeling to be DONE delivering a baby. 
 Men will never understand.

Seconds old.  Look at those cheeks!  And all of that hair!

Seriously, how precious is this picture!  See that pinky finger?  Yeah, he's totally wrapped around it.

FAT CHEEKS!  This is what an 8lb 15oz baby looks like at minutes old.

My crew.  Lisa, Anna, me, Jody holding baby Tessa.  Jody came as soon as Dan was home.  Lisa was my back rubber and 'quiet and calm' person.  Anna was my photographer and another 'calm and quiet' person.
Can we see a trend in the type of people I need around me during delivery? 

Ohhhh the pinks and purples and reds and yellows that filled our room. 
The girls brought a closet full of goodies and outfits.  Eleanor, girlfriend, you will be the
trendiest baby in town. 
And check out dad beaming over his newborn. :-)

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  1. Awesome! You are unbelievable...singing "Hosana" while in labor. I can't say as I've ever done that...or felt like it at the time. I was a couple of blocks away when the group picture was taken. I was talking to Lisa on the phone and she said they were taking a group photo. Oh well, I wasn't there for her birth, but I got to be one of the first ones to hold your precious little bundle. Congrats!