Sunday, August 8, 2010

The orange Sleepy Wrap

I have a sling that I purchase from Once Upon A Child back in 2005 for Ethan.  That thing is AWESOME for traveling with a newborn.  I went from south Texas up to Minnesota with a 6 week old and we all did just fine and dandy.  However, he outgrew that thing at about 12-15 pounds because it really wears on a gals neck.

photo credit
It's kind of like this one.  But you get the idea.

Then I moved on to the snugli.  It wasn't really comfortable and it hurt my back.
Plus it dug into Ernest's face and it'd get all slobbery and icky.  I had bought it for Ethan, never used it, and used it sparingly with Ernest.


On a field trip to the zoo I met a lady with a sleepy wrap and she said it was pretty easy, good on the back, and her baby slept 'like a baby' in it.  Well, amen.  I ebayed and by golly they aren't too bad on ebay.

I know some ladies are way cool and make their own.  Good for you but I'm not educated on types of fabrics, what type is best, setting up a sewing machine, finding time to sew without someone playing with the  foot pedal (for real yo'), and on a n d o n a n d o n.

So I bought an orange sleepy wrap and have fallen in love. 
We go on walks in it, use it when I need both hands, all that jazz.  This is Ernest at 9 or 10 months.  I'd wear it when I knew he was tired but wouldn't take a nap.  At 13 months he now sits in it up right and is able to see the world.  I do have him facing me in it after reading up on why it's better.  If you want your baby to face outwards then 'to each his own'.  

And a picture of Ernest asleep in my arms.  Just because it's a cute picture.  You're welcome :-).


  1. Girl, I need one of these now that I'm outnumbered.

  2. I love my Sleepy Wrap, too! I love that it holds up to toddlers, too!! So comfy!