Monday, August 2, 2010

Air Conditioning and super cool friends

A picture of Ernest after eatting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 
 This picture has nothing to do with this post, just sharing the baby love. :)

1 part cornstarch to 1 part cold water
5 to 6 drops of food coloring

I think this would be so much fun!  Maybe tomorrow morning as it's going to be SWELTERING.  I was sweating buckets by 9:00 this morning unloading the minivan from out camping trip this past weekend.  Buck-ets.  Oh and lemme tell ya, God is good.  Why?  My beautiful friend Audra drove by with a honk and wave this morning while watching me unload the minivan.  A few minutes later I recieve a beautiful call from my beautiful friend Audra:

"I'm in your driveway and we are on our way to the park.  Do you want me to take Ethan to the park so he can have something to do while you unpack and stuff?"

*choke slobber snort* "What?!?!?!?  YES!  Huh?  YES!!!!!  I'm about to give him a haircut, let me put clothes on him and send him upstairs!"  I slapped some clothes on the boy, gave him a bottle of water with some stern talking to about "AUDRA IS THE BOSS" and being good, then I sent him off with my beautiful friend Audra.

(Because, yes, I give him haircuts in the nude for easy cleanup.  It's how I roll.)

With my oldest gone and the youngest going down quickly for a nap, what to do?  I CLEANED!  UNPACKED AND CLEANED LIKE THE WORLD WAS ENDING.  My oh my how much you can get done quickly when it's just me myself and I. 

THEN- my friend Regina calls: "It's so hot and humid out today and I know you don't have an air conditioner.  If you and the boys want to come over to sit in the air conditioner then feel free to.  We also have a slip and slide if Ethan wants to play."

*choke slobber snort* "What?!?!?!? YES! Huh? YES!!!!! When Ernest wakes up from his afternoon nap we'll come over!  THANK YOU!"

We have a window unit but we live in a basement so we do not use it.  Plus we are cheap frugal.  And in being so we close up windows and turn on fans during the heat of the day to keep it cool.  It stays pretty nice down here considering it's a cave.  However, if offered air conditioning, you'd better believe this preggo isn't about to hesitate to pack up the crew and head on over.  Especially when there's a slip and slide.  And a cool friend named Regina who is so amazingly wise in all her glorious wisdom.  I just sit and listen and try to understand and keep up.  Like when I asked "Sooo... who exactly is Elijah in the Bible?  I haven't gotten to that part yet..."  Whatever, I'm at least trying to learn about all forty bajillion characters in the Bible.   Rome wasn't built in a day, yo.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and at 1 we are headed to the library for their end of the summer reading program thingamajigie.  Pizza and fun had by all!

Plus, the library has crisp air conditiong.  Just sayin'...

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  1. Girl, I didn't know you don't have AC. Just so you know, you are welcome out here any time you need to cool off, as well! (We also have a slip-n-slide.) :)