Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All work and no play (except for ice cream)

We are planning on moving to a new home.  Hopefully by the beginning of October because Eleanor is due October 14.  For the moment we live in a one bedroom apartment.  It houses children, children's stuff, grown up's with grown up stuff, homeschool stuff (which takes up 2 bookshelves for the moment) and my husband's ebay stuff.  Needless to say we have a lot of stuff.

The plan is to have a garage sale to downsize on some stuff, ebay some stuff, and then while living on a prayer find a place to move to that has heat and/or electric included to house the remainder of stuff.  There is no faith in thinking that we can heat a home to a livable temperature to accomadate a newborn, toddler, 4 year old and the parents this winter.  For two whole months the temps are around ZERO with a big fat NEGATIVE when discussing wind chill. 

Although our kids are good "helpers" when it comes to packing, I'd better git'r done while I can still somewhat manage getting up off the floor in under 3 minutes (well, when highly motivated I can do it under 3 minutes).  Plus, I'm a 'futuristic planner' and I'm aware that babies come when THEY are ready, not when mom and dad are ready.  What if she comes at the end of September?  Or makes an unplanned appearance the end of AUGUST?  I know I have contractions due to the heat and the inability to "rest" and man oh man it keeps me focused on my goal.

While we would like to stay close to the area, we are willing to move out a ways if necessary.  We really REALLY like our church.  My husband really REALLY likes our church, which is the biggest reason I want to stay close by.  It has taken YEARS of prayer to get him to attend Sunday mornings with me, I'm not about to give it up.  However, I know where ever we land God will give us a church.  For the mean time, I'm holding on tooth and nail to this place.

We look mainly on craigslist of openings at apartments.  That's where we have found the last two places we've lived.  Why reinvent the wheel?

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  1. There are some apartments in Gilman that have openings. Look in the Shopper for places, those are local and more used than Craig's list.