Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July is HALF WAY OVER! But my apartment is more tidy.

I cannot believe it is half way through July. Wow. But the amazingly humid heat we had today brings me to reality. I've softened up a bit and now melt and mild 90 degrees. If I were back in my homeland of Texas, I am sure that 90 would be considered "refreshing". I'm so... so... northern now!

Ethan, Ernest and Kendall all went to Aunt H's house and spent the night last night. A WHOLE NIGHT TO MYSELF YALL! Did I sit around and eat bonbon's while watching Steel Magnoila's? Did I do my nails and have a green facial mask on? Take a nap is what swept the polls of what I should do on facebook.

No. I worked. I organized. I got hot and sweaty and stinky and moved boxes around and aquired some more living space. The heat kept me indoors. I put a cardboard box outside, got slapped in the face with humidity and decided being inside my dark and quiet cave was much more appealing. And quiet. Ohhhh the quietness. Sometimes when it's quiet I look around and try to figure out what's wrong. Is someone in a mischeveous mode? Am I going to find butter everywhere? Is there a poopy diaper more appealing to play with than a toy? But this time, there just were no kids around. It was a "safe quiet".

Tomorrow I go in for my 26 week check up. Then we will spend the afternoon in Cabela's (read: free air conditioning and stuff to entertain my kids with). Hubby will go on the adventure with us.
Note the picture: I am still learning how to post pictures on blogspot. Here is a picture of Kendall, Ernest and I walking off the stage at Ernest's dediction. We have dedicated our children to the Lord and have made a promise to raise them in a Christian enviroment with as much love and prayer (Lord knows first hand how much we need them) as possible. I am pregnant in this picture, however not NEARLY as far along as I should be to have such a pooch. However, the suit Kendall is wearing is the one he purchased from Men's Warehouse for our wedding knowing he'd need a suit in the future. Good choice dude.

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  1. Keep posting mama! I love keeping up with y'all!