Friday, July 23, 2010

I hope he's not a biter!

Today is Ethan's second ever dentist appointment.  He went to a "normal" dentist in May and it was pretty uneventfull other than having his teeth counted.  It was all about the chair- "I don't like that chair" "That chair scares me" "Why do I have to sit in THAT chair?"  So we were referenced to a pediatric dental office.

His appointment is at 9:15 and it's about 40 minutes away (Ahhhh the joys of living out in the middle of nowhere).   Hopefully he does well and everyone has a great time.  Do I live in lala land or what? 

But I've been hyping up the dentist for the last few weeks and we went on the clinics website and saw pictures of the dentists which had a little paragraph descrbing their hobbies and how many kids they have and onward.  Pretty cool!  I was at least able to point out that his dentist has 3 sons and likes to fish-- just like him!  Go Ethan!

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