Saturday, July 17, 2010

My fisherman and my frog lover

My four year old son Ethan had an admiration for all things slippery, slimy, mucky and found in nature.  Here he has found a prized frog.  This poor priced frog was carried around for about 2 hours and got to enjoy a trip in our minivan before making his way back to a pond.  "Oh look, frogs FLOAT!  Kinda side ways looking... but he's definitly floating! Let's go see what dad's doing."  Ethan definitly reminds me of the character George from Of Mice And Men.  At least it's a frog and not a kitten....                                              

And now on to fishing with dad.  Ethan and Kendall have developed such a wonderful bond with fishing.  Kendall enjoys fishing and I am so so SO grateful that he has such a hobby.  In our home, fishing is simple.  Kendall looks at the clock, usually after dinner, and says "I'm going to go fishing." He grabs his gear, which is usually in the minivan anyway, and walks down to the river.  We live less than half a mile away from a little park that sits next to a river bed.  There is currently construction on a bridge going over the park, so the best fishing days are the weekends when there are no loud thuds and hammers banging around.  This is where Kendall goes to spend an hour or two of his time.  Thank you Jesus!  He's not at a bar.  He's not out with some group of guys who would probably not be a good influence.  And he's not out spending money :).  There at the river he can pray, relax, take in the summer nights, kid free and all alone.  Sometimes he comes home with stories of how he almost caught a turtle.
Or how he almost caught one THIS.BIG.  That is so cool.  I enjoy fishing myself and I know how to filet a fish quite well thankyouverymuch.  My family grew up along the Gulf of Mexico and we spent many days with rod and reel in hand.  I am so happy to see that this passion of fishing is going to be passed down to my children through my husband.  Dad would be happy to know that one of his favorite hobbies will be continued on :).

And what better way for my guys to spend time together.  Ethan always comes home with a bright smile and thoroughly enjoys the water.  Summer is only a wink in Minnesota, so we do try to squeeze every drop out of it.  Thank you Kendall for building and being a part of the summer memories of 2010.

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