Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Deli Lady told me to

I have become a bit more aware of what I'm feeding myself and my family.  Lately, I'm noticing that what I thought was the purest of foods has been tainted in one form or fashion.  My Great Value brand 'pure vanilla extract' listed 'corn syrup' as it's final ingredient.  What a bummer that it's so hard to find pure food with nothing more than what was grown and harvested without anything made in a lab. 

The kids and I were out and about today, nowhere near home, so I decided to get a nutritious lunch at the grocery store.  Guacamole, cheddar block cheese, 7 grain bread rolls, bananas, watermelon, water, and a deli meat.  I had purchased the Dean's brand of guacamole last month and it was so acidic it felt like I was eating Sprite, the burning feeling in your mouth after guzzling Sprite was just like a bite of Dean's guacamole.  Dad's guacamole never burned my mouth, what is in this stuff?  Let's just say 'avacado' was further down the list than I'd like to ever imagine it could be.  Disappointed and frustrated at wasting four bucks, I threw it away.  Today I purchased a guacamole that was 95% avocado and 5% seasoning.  Bingo!  All three kids ate it, score

Then I tried to purchase deli meat.  Ham was on sale for $3.99 a pound!  WOW!  When's the last time any meat was on sale for such a cheap price?  However, I had read that many meats are injected with a salt water solution and flavoring built in a lab, so I asked the lady if there was anything funky in the meat or if it was just 'honey and salt, the way our grandparents cured pork?'  Low and behold she printed off a page worth of sodium byproducts that you can't grow in granny's garden.  In the end, the honest lady said "Even I don't eat this stuff."   Somewhat dumbfounded, I ordered a half a pound of the ham, went down the aisle, had a major case of 'protein vs funky chemical salt stuff' guilt and took the ham back to the counter.  "I changed my mind.  Can I give this back?"  She took it back and smiled at me.

This morning we had plain cereal, milk, and Mandarin oranges.

Last night we had 100% beef hamburger patties, pineapple, and broccoli with some cheese.
Lunch yesterday was beef and rice burritos (except Ernest actually said 'spicy' through a grimace and had a peanut butter sandwich, bless his heart!)
Breakfast yesterday morning was, get this, oatmeal with prunes, cinnamon, honey and molasses, and milk to make it creamy, a trick Aunt Patty taught me.  The kids gobbled this down and asked for more. 

Tonight we had a quick hamburger patty with fruit and pinto bean hummus (yes, it is definitely something to try, I'm starting to believe any bean would work for hummus).  Plus I've been putting curry powder on the hamburgers.  I read somewhere that we should eat more curry because it's good for you, yada yada yada.  One step at a time and God see's I'm trying right?

And, on a side note, I've been doing some easy peasy what-are-you-80-years-old? exercises on my stability ball and Ethan and Ernest do them right alongside me on the floor.  Cute cute cute!  I feel my thighs toning up!  I just might be able to not blind anyone in a bikini next summer!    get into a one piece all black don't-even-look-my-direction bathing suit next summer!

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