Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alison's son is sick

My friend's son is sick.  And my heart is breaking for her.  She's the one with the mild voice.  She's the one with the gentle spirit and the kind and giving heart.  I see Starbucks and think of her and her love for caffiene.  Her children are so-stinking-cute-and-sweet.  No wonder she eight of them!  She has a love for the Lord that makes Ruth Graham look like an amateur.

Man, don't you just want to look at God and say "Hey, point your lightening bolt over THAT way, those people you have it aimed at are actually pretty decent!'  Lord, I wish I knew what You were up to, what You have up Your sleeve.

Her son has brain cancer

If that weren't enough, it's a really really bad kind (because some aren't so bad? I don't know).  What person would be okay with hearing a family member has cancer?  What momma would be able to see straight and stand while learning that her oldest child has not only cancer but it's in his brain?

The few times her son, who is 17, was around my then three year old Ethan, he was incredibly patient and soft spoken with him.  Ian, who is sick, is a 'professional big brother' and I know if we lived closer I'd call him to babysit in a heartbeat!

Tonight, would you lift up Alison and her family?  Pray for her patience, wisdom, and strength through this ordeal.  She homeschools this beautiful family she is blessed with.  And her babies range in 17 with Ian, all the way down to just a few month (with the infant exclusively nursed, God bless her!).  Pray for Ian's body to heal.  For the doctors to have such wisdom it must come from Up Above.  Right now, the family and medical team are deciding on a route to go concerning Ian's treatments.  Alison is a bit holistic and trying to find treatments, foods, etc that will help and inhance Ian's ability to fight off this cancer as naturally as possible.  Pray for those little brother's and sister's to not be scared.  Can you imagine seeing your big, tough, go-get'em big brother down and out in a hospital?  Pray for these little faces to see Christ in all of this.

Here's a link to Alison's blog:
Alison's Blog 

Here's a link to a prayer site on facebook dedicated to Ian:
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