Thursday, August 11, 2011

What might have been

Today as I'm cleaning up pee and wiping down the floor I get a bad case of the ''what might have been's".  I have a wonderful friend who went on from high school to achieve her PhD and is now able to travel and see the world for conferences and leisure.  The sweetest, nicest, prettiest gal ever.  Another friend lives in New York and works as an achitect.  I did attend an impressive magnet high school that concentrated on science and engineering, so these results are not too uncommon.  I had plans to go on to college and major in microbiology/biochemistry.  I wanted to work for the Centers of Diesease Control in Atlanta and help save the world.  I wanted to travel to new places and live the cultures most people only read about in the paper.  Work by day saving a west Africa village from a series of outbreaks, eat monkey and watch the stars by night.  Ahhhhh.   I'd get married 'sooner or later' and maybe have a kid, maybe.  I'd never really settle down and I'd live by the ocean so I could see the waves crash every morning and call the seagulls my friends. 

This morning, as I'm wiping up pee, handing out more cereal, and making a bath for said-pee-child, I can't help but think of it all.  What would have happened if I didn't get married and decided to go on to college?  Would I have ever stepped foot in Minnesota in my life?  To me, Minnesota had lots of trees and guys that wear plaid.  It turns out this is true on both parts, go me!  But to live here?  In -20 windchills?  No thanks.  I'm a Atlantic Ocean lover. 

Now I'm raising three kids and married to my very own Paul Bunnion (or however you spell his last name... maybe I should say the Bounty Man). 

Proverbs 14:30 (K
A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones

Ok, fine.  I'm just having a 'true' moment.  It's true though, I do sometimes wonder.

But as I'm typing this, my 2 year old now has a towel wrapped around his clean pee-free body and has just said "Up please!" so he's sitting in my lap singing.  Sorry Africa, you gotta wait.

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  1. My dearest little Texas are sooooo precious! I remember you and your "save the world" plans. And I love that you're saving little children in Minn. from 20 degree weather! (is there really such a thing?!?!)
    The world is a much lovelier place for all His Love you're pouring into your kids, and the pee you're cleaning off them, too!
    I praise Him who formed you and planned every step, that no matter where you are on His globe, you're letting your little light shine!!!
    Hugs to you, dear :)
    Romans 15:13